7 Reasons Why Bamboo Can Save Our Planet


February 1, 2022

By Mia Krejci

Can bamboo really save our planet? Of course, bamboo is not the solution to all our global problems. But when it comes to making our air cleaner, producing more water, protecting our soils and endangered species, and providing a sustainable alternative to plastic – yes, we believe bamboo can! You may be wondering how exactly?

Keep reading to learn why bamboo is a solution to save the future of our planet 💚

1. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world

According to Guinness World Records, some species of bamboo can grow up to 91 cm/~3 ft per day, which is almost 4 cm/1.5inches per hour. So you can literally watch it grow! No other plant on earth grows as fast as bamboo. In just 3-4 months, bamboo can reach its full size, while other trees can take more than 30 years to grow. And because bamboo grows so fast, it’s also an rapidly renewable resource that doesn’t need any harmful pesticides to grow!

2. Bamboo Cleans Our Air

Bamboo produces ~35% more oxygen than other trees and absorbs enormous amounts of greenhouse gases. A giant tropical bamboo can sequester 2 tons of CO2 in just 7 years. This is HUGE in comparison to a typical hardwood tree that can only sequester 1 ton of CO2 in ~40 years. It’s estimated that 10 million hectares of bamboo could save 7 gigatons of CO2 in ~30years. That’s more than what 300 million electric cars could save in the same time period!

3. Bamboo is an incredibly versatile material

Bamboo, also called “green steel”, is strong, safe, hygienic, lightweight and durable. For this reason, it can easily replace plastic, wood, cotton, and many other materials. Things made from bamboo include paper, clothing, straws, cutlery, music instruments, bicycles, furniture, or building materials for houses and floors. Bamboo fibres are also naturally anti-bacterial and don’t need to be treated with toxic chemicals.

4. Bamboo stores water

Bamboo stores large amounts of water in its roots and stems during the rainy season and then returns the water to the ground, rivers, and streams to protect against droughts.

5. Bamboo protects the soil

The strong roots and rhizomes of bamboo make the soil more stable, which prevents landslides and soil erosion. The rhizomes can survive for more than a century and help bamboo stems regenerate even if they’re cut off or destroyed by a fire or storm. What a strong plant!

6. Bamboo protects biodiversity

Bamboo is an important part of a biodiverse ecosystem and protects especially endangered species by providing a home for many different animals such as the Giant Panda (China), the Mountain Gorilla (Uganda/Rwanda), or the Sumatran Tiger (Indonesia) and many others.

7. Bamboo production supports local communities

Bamboo production and manufacturing support the livelihoods of local farmers and sustains traditional industries. At Grace & Green, we source our bamboo from one of its countries of origin, China, and support communities in Uganda. As bamboo is lightweight, it also gives an opportunity for women to participate in the bamboo industry, providing them with a source of income.