Our story.

Kindness is often dismissed as insignificant. Caring is often described as a “female” attribute. We do things differently here. We believe caring is radical. We believe it has the power to change the world. 
Grace & Green exists because someone cared enough to make a change. That person was our founder, Fran, who worked in water and sanitation for a decade. She witnessed first-hand the devastating impact period products had on our water systems and she knew something had to change. 
She put that passion and care into creating Grace & Green, an antidote to an industry full of plastic, toxins and stigma.

Our mission.



An antidote to unethical industry titans, we are the highest ranking B Corp in disposable period care. From carbon neutrality to biodegradable packaging, we tackle climate change with uncompromising innovation. We see the urgency, not just the trends.


We are making access to safe, sustainable period products a basic right. Through our Period Dignity scheme and in partnership with not-for-profits, we work to bring period products and dignity to the people who need it the most. Equal access is at the core of what we do, and we show up for every body.


From menstruation to menopause, our experiences matter. Educating all genders and ages about menstrual health breaks silence, fosters informed choices and dismantles the damaging shame that restricts our control over our own bodies. Each period is as unique as the person experiencing them, and that's why education never truly ends.

A basic right. Right?

We boldly advocate for a world where access to safe, sustainable period products is not a privilege but a fundamental right. Our mission is to dismantle the barriers that prevent individuals from managing their periods with dignity and ease.

We created our Period Dignity scheme to make free period products for all, in all spaces, a reality. Through Period Dignity, we develop people’s knowledge about bodies, menstrual health and sustainable periods.

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Exceptionally ethical. No compromise.

From using 100% organic cotton and bamboo in our products to being the highest scoring B Corp in our sector, we are committed to minimising our impact on planet Earth.

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