Promote Inclusivity At Work With Grace & Green Period Products

August 26, 2020

By Frances Lucraft

Period products are just as essential as loo paper, soap, or coffee – and we hope businesses treat them as such. Yet 60% of people are uncomfortable discussing periods with colleagues or managers. Providing free period products is a proactive approach to making employees feel included and cared for.

At Grace & Green, we believe access to free period products in the workplace is more than just a convenience or perk. It’s about being part of a movement towards inclusivity and corporate social responsibility in the workplace. The best part is, offering free menstrual products is more affordable than you think, and has a huge impact on employee wellbeing and happiness.

What are the benefits of offering free period products at work?

Increase Wellbeing

85% of people with periods have started their period unexpectedly at work, while 62% have no way of accessing period products at work if they run out. Not having period products is a stressful experience.

Giving your employees access to menstrual products increases wellbeing. Grace & Green stocked bathrooms means no more emergency shopping trips, having to hide tampons in sleeves, or worrying about what will happen when caught without.

Promote Inclusivity & Equality

As most people feel uncomfortable discussing their period at work, asking for free period products has probably not been raised with HR. But that doesn’t mean these products aren’t wanted, in fact they are important to promote true equality in the workplace, and help people have the essentials on hand to perform their best.

Seeing Grace & Green products in a bathroom everyday is a subtle reminder of your company’s commitment to equality, inclusion and sustainability. Most employers provide bins for menstrual products, so why not the products themselves?

Reach Sustainability & CSR Goals

Grace & Green products are plastic-free and biodegradable, with no toxins, chemicals, synthetic fibres or fragrances.

At Grace & Green, we also focus on our wider responsibility to people and the planet. These initiatives include going carbon neutral, planting one tree for each new subscription, and donating period products to NHS charities. We are an entirely female-led independent UK business.

We’re Optimistic About Increasing Access To Free Period Products

We’re encouraged by a growing number of businesses such as Google, Spotify, and Etsy who offer their employees free period products. With the Grace & Green Workplace Initiative, products can be delivered to the workplace in one-off orders or subscription plans personalised for a company’s needs. We also offer our Work From Home Initiative, with free vouchers for employees to anonymously select their own products for home delivery for teams at home.

We are proud to be supplying many progressive firms with products to help them create more inclusive and equal workplaces, such as Gunner & Co who use Grace & Green products to ‘meet our corporate responsibility objectives to support women’s health, the environment and to tackle period poverty’.

Interested in joining the movement towards inclusive and equal businesses?

How To Encourage Your Employer To Sign Up With Grace & Green

If you feel comfortable speaking up, please let your company know about our Workplace and Work From Home Initiatives, which they can learn more about here

If you wish free period products were available at work but feel uncomfortable asking, drop us an email at [email protected]

Tell us where you work, who to contact, and leave the rest to us. We’ll write to your company, and say one of your employees has anonymously requested Grace & Green products be available at work, and we’d like to help your company sign up to one of our plans.