Exceptional period care. That cares.

Our products are our mission. Natural, 100% organic ingredients that put safety first. Conscious on people and planet.

We craft period care with a greater truth. We’re committed to menstrual health, the environment, and tackling period poverty. Our mission is to challenge the status quo of the ‘feminine hygiene’ industry in its current state. We’re the antidote to big unscrupulous brands churning a profit at the expense of quality and ethics. We champion innovative and sustainable production models and we’re driven by transparency and authenticity.

Founder Fran, environmentalist and mother of two, spent over a decade in the water and sanitation sector specialising in environmental management and international development. Having witnessed firsthand how conventional period products impact our water systems, rivers and coastlines (and the wider environment around us) she knew that a solution had to be found.

After 3 years of intense research and product development, Grace & Green launched in 2019 with The Essentials Collection – 100% certified organic and plastic-free – the range is intelligently engineered, ethical and sustainable and offers consumers a safe, effective choice that provides ultimate protection. Good for you. Good for the earth.

Responsibility, quality and traceability transcend into everything we do, from our raw materials to our packaging, and even to those we choose to work and partner with.

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Richard Summerfield

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Why Grace & Green?

Our goal is to provide effective, organic, biodegradable period products that are kind to both people’s bodies and the environment, combining pioneering design and innovative manufacturing with high quality, natural and organic ingredients. Our range of period products is certified by numerous globally-recognised bodies , to ensure they are both ethically sourced and produced and as safe as they can be.

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Grace & Green – pioneering a circular economy within the hygiene industry. Our values are those of a brand started by an environmental and social scientist with a passion for sustainability and slow living

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Grace &Amp; Green - About Us - Your Body

Your body

We believe you should have full control over what you put in your body. We’re committed to using minimal ingredients that are all non-toxic, high-performing and entirely natural – with full transparency guaranteed.

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Grace &Amp; Green - About Us - Our World

Our planet

We want your menstrual cycle to work with nature, not against it. Our products are 100% organic cotton, 100% plastic-free. We even plant a tree for every new subscription.

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We believe sustainable period care should be accessible to all, and are always striving to support dignity and safe hygiene where it is needed through our social impact and workplace initiatives.

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