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Many women don’t think about what their hygiene products are made from. In fact, most tampons are made from a mix of rayon, polyester (plastic) and non-organic cotton. This blend makes for one toxic cocktail.

Rayon can dry out the protective mucous of the vagina. This can cause irritation and subsequent vaginal problems.

Rayon also can be very dangerous for the workers who are producing this substance. Strong, harsh chemicals are used in the production of rayon, which are known to cause severe mental and physical illnesses for those in contact with them. Choosing organic cotton means that you will never expose your own body to residual substances from these processes, and your period products will not put workers at risk.

Most bright white tampons are chlorine-bleached and likely contain harmful, carcinogenic dioxin residue in their fibres which can then enter the vaginal canal. These fibres can also break off and harbour bacteria which can lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome. Carcinogenic substances being in contact with your body have also been linked to vaginal illnesses and infertility issues.

With little regulation in the hygiene industry, and no obligation to include what ingredients are used in period products, you can never be completely sure that what you are putting into your body is safe

Your menstrual health is important. Period.

We disclose all of our ingredients because you deserve to make informed decisions about your health.

Your World


Many women would be surprised and shocked to realise that their period products are made primarily from plastic, taking centuries to decompose and causing extreme damage to the environment and the animals exposed to it.

Certified organic cotton is the best, most healthy and environmentally conscious ingredient for period products. Being plant-based, cotton is naturally biodegradable and will not stay around in landfills or the ocean like traditional plastic-based hygiene products. In addition certified organic cotton means that the cotton is never exposed to dangerous pesticides which have devastating effects on the farmers who use them, the ecosystem that they leak into, and you will never be putting these toxic chemicals in or on your body.

We don’t just think of our ingredients however. We also deeply consider our production’s impact on the environment. We’re delighted to work with a manufacturer who harnesses renewable energy and have developed our own highly recyclable packaging.

We take pride in understanding the nuances of our supplier chain from end to end. We know the provenance and journey of each of our eco-friendly period products.

Your period shouldn’t cost the earth.

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