Ethical period products — supporting dignity & hygiene where it’s needed most

While menstruation is a natural part of most women’s lives, for many this time of the month fills them with dread. Period poverty is a well-documented phenomenon where women who live in underserved areas feel even more vulnerable during their period.

Grace & Green is committed to fighting back on period poverty, delivering ethical tampons and period products while working with charity organisations for women and girls.

Ethical Period Products
Ethical Period Products

Period poverty statistics

When we consider the challenges of poverty, affording toiletries and hygiene products may not be front of mind. But on top of the challenges in housing, access to food and health support, 40 million women and girls around the world are affected by period poverty. We must fight back.

Even in the UK, one of the richest countries in the world, 1 in 10 girls aged 14 to 21 can’t afford menstrual products.

Join the campaign

Ever since the beginning of Grace & Green, our business decisions have been driven by a commitment to social impact. We are committed to fighting back on period poverty – no woman should feel unsupported during her period.

Our role in this fight is to partner with incredible organisations like The Unmentionables, who are doing great work in advocating for change.

We invite you, our Grace & Green customers, to join us in supporting these organisations and being the change we want to see. Your choice to buy ethical sanitary products makes a positive impact not only on your health and our planet, but also on women worldwide.

Ethical Period Products
Ethical Period Products

A basic right. Right?

As part of Grace & Green’s social impact work, we help support some amazing organisations that address acute environmental and social issues connected with periods and period poverty.