Nature is the mother of invention.

Environmental Period Products

Conscious Innovation

Once your eyes are open to the damage being done to this world by irresponsible business, you can’t just close them. Sadly the hygiene industry is rife with such business practice. We are the change we want to see. We deliver exceptional organic cotton, biodegradable hygiene products that are kind to your body and our planet. It’s honestly not that difficult…

Our Process

Forever learning

We are well aware that nobody is perfect nor does anyone have all the answers. We seek the answers we are looking for through consulting with experts and carrying out in-depth research.

Kind to our bodies and our planet

We’ve already discovered that certified organic cotton is the best, most healthy and environmentally conscious ingredient. In addition to using organic cotton for our biodegradable period products, we also consider our production’s impact on the environment. We’re delighted to work with a manufacturer who harnesses renewable energy and have developed our own highly recyclable packaging. This is just the beginning.

We take pride in understanding the nuances of our supplier chain from end to end. We know the provenance and journey of each of our eco friendly period products.

Our customer is the modern woman who knows and values her body and her mind. Our desire is support her to make an informed decision through transparent communication and providing the most premium organic, eco friendly menstrual products we can.

Ingredients & Manufacturing

Responsible. Recyclable.

Our biodegradable collection is crafted from certified organic cotton. Our smart manufacturing process ensures that each item in our period collection is incredibly absorbent and will protect you during your period.

Once you have finished with your items they are fully biodegradable – everything we produce is kind to your body and to our planet. You can also choose our applicator-free tampons to minimise waste even further.

People & Environment.

We practise responsible manufacturing: protecting the environment and the people we work with. Our process alone gives back to the environment as our factory is a converted water mill that generates more power that it uses.

We are also committed to the fair treatment of the people involved in the manufacturing of Grace & Green products. All of our partners have been carefully vetted and selected for their fair treatment of the environment and their employees.