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The Grace & Green Sustainable Business Club

Cultivate inclusion and equality in your workplace with free period products for your staff.

It’s small things like this that make you feel like the company cares. It’s also super helpful when you’re caught unawares! Metro — 2018

Join our Sustainable Business Club and Give your female employees one less thing to worry.

Have Grace & Green Organic and plastic-free period products in your office bathrooms to provide free period care to your employees.

It’s small things like this that make you feel like the company cares. It’s also super helpful when you’re caught unawares! Metro — 2018

Grace & Green are looking for businesses to join our Sustainable Business
Club, offering organic, biodegradable period products to employees and
visitors as part of an ongoing commitment to corporate sustainability. But
what are the benefits to joining our club?

30% off your first order and exclusive founding member status
Tax deductible procurement
20% discounted subscriptions for company employees
Regular insights arounds women’s health and the environment
CSR benefits to give back to charities
Dedicated Account Manager who will provide you will ongoing assistance to tailor your product selections, Quantity’s and order frequency’s for your workplace
Demonstrate your commitment to true inclusion and equality in the workplace
Cultivate an equal gender diversity strategy with a visible daily reminder
A Grace & Green Sustainable Business Club (SBC) badge for use on websites and marketing materials

“Grace & Green products help us meet our corporate responsibility objectivesd to support women’s health, the environment and to tackle period poverty.”

Gunner & Co.

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As a Grace & Green Sustainable founding member, you’ll receive lots of additional benefits, such as discounts for your employees and CSR benefits to give back to charities

85% of women have started their period unexpectedly at work

Period products are essential hygiene items for just under half of our labour workforce – as fundamental as soap or loo roll.

Every woman remembers a time they were caught short without a pad or tampon. Getting your period at work is a disruptive affair that affects both productivity and wellbeing – and it’s more common than you might think.

Give your female employees one less thing to worry about

Periods can and do arrive unexpectedly, even when we’re at work. In fact, 86% of women have started their period without having any period products to hand.

Most employers provide bins for sanitary products, so why not the products themselves?

We’d like to encourage you to rethink what’s truly essential

We believe that all employers have a duty to create inclusive work environments that support reproductive health and diversity.

Progressive employers such as Google, Etsy and Spotify are already leading the way by supplying free hygiene products at work. The best part is, it doesn’t cost much to implement and has a huge impact on employee wellbeing.

An easy win in the war on plastic

Despite all the attention that plastic pollution has been getting, period products are still flying under the radar. Women use an estimated 11,000 period products over their lifetime. Most of these products use single-use plastic, which take hundreds of years to break down. Supplying plastic-free products is an opportunity for your business to take powerful plastic-free action, as well as making a gender diversity statement.

Good for your body and the planet

At Grace & Green Our essential period collection combines innovative manufacturing with high quality organic, biodegradable ingredients, meaning no toxins or chemicals. We are cruelty-free, vegan and made from 100% certified organic cotton - which means good for your health, and the planet all round.

We are also an entirely female-led, female run independent UK business. Read more about what makes us unique

“Our brand shows a concerted effort to do things differently and act more consciously. We’re women, we menstruate, and we’re part of the workplace. Let’s work together to address the imbalance in a way that also reduces the unecessary impact period products have on the planet.” Frances Lucraft —
Founder, Grace & Green

“We are proud to be able to offer free Grace & Green period products to our employees and guests when they are needed. Their brand packaging is discreet yet elegant, enabling it to fit aesthetically with our modern, sustainable office and hospitality areas which are of great pride to us as a business.

But, more importantly, Grace & Green products meet our corporate responsibility objectives to support women's health, the environment and to tackle period poverty. The monthly subscription service is so easy to set up online and our facilities team are delighted with the excellent customer service they receive. We would not hesitate to recommend them to other businesses who want to provide free period care as part of their corporate sustainability plans this year. “

Louise Jefferys, Managing Director. Gunner & Co.

You’ll be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will tailor a unique business package for your business, including product selection, quantity and order frequency to your workplace. Enquire today and one of our team will get back to you with how your workplace can benefit from joining the club.

It would be helpful to know, at this stage, the number of bathrooms and female employees you have, and which products you are most interested in.