From Stigma to Support: Transforming the Workplace Conversation about Menstruation

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February 2, 2024

By The Grace & Green Team

Despite the progress made in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within the contemporary workplace, there remains an unspoken truth — around 47% of the workforce is grappling with the silent challenges of managing menstrual and menopausal symptoms.

Shockingly, 23% of working women in the UK have contemplated leaving their jobs due to the challenges posed by these symptoms. Recognising the urgency of addressing these issues, we are proud to announce our collaboration with The Independent Health and Wellbeing Group (IHWG), a healthcare and corporate training provider committed to dismantling the taboo surrounding women’s health in the workplace.

Our Partnership

Together, our mission is clear: to create workplaces that not only understand but actively support menstrual health and menopause.

Our collaborative offering goes beyond rhetoric, encompassing practical steps to foster a workplace culture that supports women’s health. From providing discounted organic menstrual products to offering robust reproductive and sickness policies and employee training, our goal is to destigmatise conversations around women’s health, ensuring all employees feel valued and supported.

Creating an Inclusive Environment

86% of women have been caught without products when they need them. We believe that access to safe and sustainable period products is a fundamental human right. No one should have to compromise their health, career or dignity because they don’t have access to essential menstrual products when they need them. Having free period products that are visible and starting conversations in the workplace is an important and simple way to begin breaking the stigmas associated with menstruation. It’s cheaper than buying toilet roll, so the question isn’t why are we starting this partnership, it’s simply why isn’t everybody doing it? We believe this partnership will be a significant step towards breaking down barriers and removing stigma for all people who menstruate within the workplace.

Education as the Key to Change

Central to our mission is education. IHWG specialises in unique learning experiences designed to normalise conversations around menstruation and menopause. The training is delivered by medical experts with a deep understanding of menstrual health and over 50 years combined experience in menopause health. From practical strategies for fostering inclusivity and wellbeing at work to solutions for personal symptoms, this training breaks down barriers and encourages open discussions across all levels of the workplace.

Start your journey to creating inclusive workplace today

This collaboration represents more than a partnership; it symbolises a commitment to rewriting the narrative around women’s health. By actively catering to menstrual health and menopause in the UK, we aspire to create a future where all employees can thrive without fear.

To learn more about our collaborative training or to book a session for your company, reach out to us at [email protected]. Together, let’s break down barriers and create workplaces that prioritise the well-being of all employees. Empower change today.