Wild Nutrition Premenstrual Supplement

Wild Nutrition Premenstrual Supplement


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Forget leaks, shame, and barriers. We embrace every body with ethical, sustainable period care. As a world-leading B Corp, we create zero waste reusables and consciously craft our tampons, pads, and liners with organic materials for the health of both your body and our planet. But we don't stop there. We fight for access, inclusivity, and education, dismantling barriers to essential care. Because dignity shouldn't come with a price. 

We don’t just create sustainable period products, we believe in making dignity during menstruation a universal right. We use organic cotton and bamboo to craft our tampons, pads, and liners with both people and the planet in mind. They're free of harmful chemicals, toxins, and dyes, ensuring gentle care for all bodies. 

But our mission goes beyond creating exceptionally ethical products. Grace & Green champions equal access to period care. Through our Period Dignity scheme, we advocate for freely available menstrual products in all spaces, because periods should never prevent anyone from living with dignity. 

Choosing Grace & Green isn't just about choosing the best products for your body and cycle. It's about believing in dignity and access for everyone who menstruates. It’s recognising that small, sustainable choices can impact the planet. It's a stand against outdated stigmas and a more towards a more inclusive, equitable world.

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