Workplace Initiative

The Grace & Green Workplace Initiative

Having Grace & Green organic, plastic-free period products in your office bathrooms helps show your company’s commitment to inclusivity and equality. The best part is, it doesn’t cost much to implement and has a huge impact on employee wellbeing and happiness.

Support Inclusivity

60% of people are uncomfortable discussing their periods with colleagues or managers. Chances are, your employees would really appreciate free period products being available to them but have never voiced this to you. Most employers provide bins for sanitary products, so why not the products themselves?

Increase Wellbeing

85% of people with periods have started their period unexpectedly at work, while 62% have no way of accessing sanitary products at work if they run out. Access to free period products boosts morale and feeling valued, and saves your employees and guests from having to step out for an unexpected shopping trip, hiding tampons in sleeves, and unnecessary stress.

Meet CSR Committments

Grace & Green products are high-performing, made with 100% organic cotton, and are plastic-free and biodegradable. People are increasingly environmentally and health conscious, and will appreciate you provided them with a product that’s good for the body and planet.

More Than Just Convenience

Joining the Grace & Green Sustainable Business Club isn’t just about giving your employees and guests free period products. It’s about being part of a movement towards inclusivity and corporate social responsibility in the workplace.

Period products are just as essential as loo paper, soap, or coffee – and we hope businesses treat them as such. Providing access to free hygiene products takes a proactive approach to making your employees feel included and cared for at work.

We’re encouraged by a growing number of firms such as Google, Spotify, and Etsy who offer their employees free period products. You can do the same- simply get in touch with us.

A recurring discount off your order and subscriptions for employees
Dedicated account manager to help select products and order frequency
Provide free period products to employees and visitors at work
Show your company's committment to inclusion and equality
Get regular insights about health and the environment
Tax deductible procurement & CSR benefits to give back to charities


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Send An Enquiry
Get in touch and your dedicated account manager can help select which products to stock, send samples, and provide a personalised quote.


Personalised For Your Business
Provide products at your workplace for employees and guests, and choose from monthly or quarterly subscriptions or one-off orders.


Access Additional Benefits
Get access to additional discounts for employees, CSR benefits to give back to charities, and exclusive insights on health and sustainability.

Good For The Body & Planet

At Grace & Green we combine innovative design and renewable manufacturing with premium organic ingredients to create high-performing, ethical period products.

Our range of organic cotton liners, tampons, and pads are made plastic-free, biodegradable, cruelty-free and vegan. Grace & Green is an entirely female-led independent UK business.

We also focus on our wider responsibility to people and the planet. These initiatives include planting one tree for each new subscription, and donating period products to NHS charities.