Grace & Green are giving new customers either:

  1. A free month (worth up to £10) when they purchase a monthly subscriptions with any of our Grace & Green monthly subscription products. The customer will use offer code G&GFreeMonth at checkout. OR
  2. £25 off all Grace & Green quarterly products when purchasing a quarterly subscription. The customer will use offer code G&GFreeQuarter at checkout.

Customers are  responsible for the cost of shipping, a flat charge of only 99p will be applied. . For this customers, will be required to  provide their card payment details, which will be used for all subsequent renewals of the subscription you have chosen. Payment methods can be edited or updated within the My Account area.

One-Time Purchase

New customers can also purchase a one-time purchase, however, no discount or offer applies to this purchase option.

How to Use the Coupons

  1. Simply copy the coupon code and click on the the text “Have a coupon code?” at checkout.
  2. Enter the code in here.
  • The coupon code G&GFreeMonth will only work with products that have been selected on the monthly subscription plan.
  • The coupon code  G&GFreeQuarter will only work with products that have been selected on the quarterly subscription plan.


How to Choose a Subscription Plan

When adding a product to your basket, simply choose the Subscribe & Save option. This will then prompt you to choose a subscription plan.

How many products will you need for each plan?

Grace & Green offers monthly and quarterly subscription period boxes that are delivered to your doorstep. You can customise your products and absorbency levels to match your menstrual needs, as and when you need to. Make sure you order enough products to cover you for the subscription plan you select.


All customers can pause, change or cancel their subscription at anytime.

Each customer needs to ensure they make changes to their own subscription, which is easy to do following the steps below:

  1. Go to and login
  2. Click on My Subscription in the left hand menu on desktop
  3. Here you can cancel your subscription; update address or payment details; pause your subscription by choosing (skip the next shipment); unpause your subscription by choosing (ship & renew subscription from today).
  4. Customers should take care in choosing the exact products they need monthly or quarterly. If a customer wants to add a product or delete a product from their subscription order they will need to cancel the subscription entirely and create a brand new subscription.


  1. All customers must be new customers and not already exist as a Grace & Green customer. (Coupons are limited to one use per customer.)
  2. Grace & Green reserves the right to refuse a sale or sale(s) of any item(s). If Grace & Green refuses sale, the customer will be fully refunded and notified.
  3. The amount free is capped at; monthly subscriptions: £10; Quarterly Subscriptions: £25
  4. All customers must pay for the flat free P&P of 0.99p
  5. Grace & Green has the right to end the  promotion as and when they want. There will be no prior warning as to when the promotion is no longer available.

More information available here:

For products, repeat orders, payment options and delivery options please visit:

For delivery and returns please visit:

For general G&G terms and conditions please visit:

For our subscription guide:

For any questions on the above terms and conditions, or questions regarding your subscription, please email [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

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