Iris Hantverk Natural Pumice Stone

The Iris Hantverk natural pumice stone is a 100% natural product made of volcanic lava. Ideal for exfoliating effectively removing calluses on your hands and feet.

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Do not use the stone dry, always add water – use preferably in the shower or after soaking feet in warm water.
  • 100% Volcanic Lava
  • All wood, hair and fibres are responsibly sourced in Iris Hantverk’s products.
  • All products are made without plastic.



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Out of stock

Natural Pumice Stone

The Swedish company Iris Hantverk was founded in the late nineteenth century, fast establishing itself as the country’s foremost manufacturer of traditional brushes. It continues to produce beautifully made, functional household goods using premium natural materials. Iris Hantverk is also significant for its commitment to social enterprise: the craftsmen and women who produce Hantverk products are visually impaired.

Sustainably-sourced ingredients

Our collections are produced using techniques that respect both people and planet. We’re advocates for transparency and traceability, values that sit at our mission’s core. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and reusable.

No single-use plastic — our face & body bars are without the plastic bottle. Each bar eliminates single-use plastic waste.

Each product is shipped in a recycled paper box. This can be recycled with your other paper materials.

Carbon neutral — We offset 100% of our carbon footprint (including your order) by investing in strategic carbon offsetting and forest preservation projects.

Natural Pumice Stone
Natural Pumice Stone

How to use

1. Always use your stone wet, preferably after showering or soaking your feet or hands.
2. Rub against calluses and hard skin for removal.


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