Try Grace & Green — you will never go back

A collection of intelligently crafted, non-toxic, cruelty-free, period products

We are confident that when you switch from using your conventional period product brand to Grace & Green you will never go back.

Organic Tampons



Because we don’t add toxic chemicals like dioxin, chlorine bleach, synthetic fibers, dyes, or fragrances which are used in the most sensitive and intimate areas;


Because we respect our planet and the people in it. Both are just too important to turn a blind eye.


Because we believe in an ethical and conscious corporate model which is fair, considered and sustainable.

In an effort to foster mindful consumption habits, Grace & Green maintains an open conversation about our approach and encourages you, as our consumer, to re-evaluate the relationship woman have with hygiene products. We promise that we will always focus on sustainable premium materials, innovative processes and production to improve every single product in a sustainable way.