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Intelligent hygiene products

Good design, integrity and quality shouldn’t cost the earth. Our product goal is to provide  effective organic, biodegradable period products that are kind to both women’s bodies and the environment.

Through careful consideration of our entire production cycle we have combined pioneering design and innovative manufacturing with high quality natural and organic ingredients.

Your Health

The modern woman may be knowledgeable, but deciphering labels and navigating her way through the chemical soup that is the consumer-products industry can be challenging.  In fact, most tampons are made from a mix of rayon, polyester and non-organic cotton. This blend makes for one toxic cocktail...

Our Environment

We are inspired by the bold ways that humans create and innovate through understanding our natural surroundings.

Once your eyes are open to the damage being done to this world by irresponsible business, you can’t just close them. Sadly the hygiene industry is rife with such business practice. We are the change we want to see.