Our Royal Baby – Shaping a Sustainable Future

September 12, 2019

By The Grace & Green Team

The royal family isn’t generally known for being pioneers of progressive lifestyles, but following the arrival of their first child, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have shown that it is possible to maintain the status quo while taking a more liberal approach. In particular, Green and Green welcomes Meghan’s commitment to tackling period poverty and speaking out about period stigma. We are therefore delighted to be featured in the new commemorative royal baby publication, Our Royal Baby, launched to celebrate Archie’s birth.

Chosen for our dedication to producing sustainable, eco-friendly products, Grace and Green’s ethos perfectly mirrors the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s agenda for shaping the future. The book was written by the royal correspondent Robert Jobson and launched last week at The Ritz Hotel in London.

Addressing period poverty

Like the Sussexes, Grace and Green has rewritten the rule book, producing premium, organic and biodegradable period products that show us the way to a more sustainable future. Stocked by the royal family’s chemist, John Bell & Croyden, Grace and Green embraces the opportunity to shine a light on the period care industry and in particular, issues of waste and period poverty. The Duchess herself is a long-term supporter of The Myna Mahila Foundation in Mumbai, which breaks taboos around menstruation.

“My background in international development has been key to understanding both the challenges and the changes that we can make in the developed world around sanitation and period products at large,” says Frances Lucraft, Founder of Grace & Green. “It is a subject that is all too often tucked away, but periods should not be a taboo subject. The Duchess of Sussex has highlighted the wasted potential of millions of girls all over the world, underlining the fact that periods and menstruation negatively impacts their lives.”

“At Grace and Green, we are propelled by the need to address period poverty and to hand control and dignity back to women who are most disadvantaged. After all, meeting menstrual health needs is a fundamental human right.”

Better choices for people and planet

But it’s not just about making menstrual products more eco-friendly. As well as being plastic-free and biodegradable, Grace and Green’s organic cotton pads, tampons and liners are also free from rayon, polyester, pesticides and carcinogenic dioxin residue that comes from bleaching. As women, we take great care over the food that we feed ourselves and our children, the products we use to clean our homes and put on our skin. Choosing organic period products is the best way to protect our health, as well as the health of the planet.

Having herself recently given birth to her second child, Frances appreciates the newfound joy that Meghan and Harry are experiencing. “Bringing new life into the world is utterly life-changing and helps anchor us in our desire to make the world a better place. We’ve never been in a stronger position to make small changes that collectively lead to dramatic results. Harry and Meghan are inspiring people to choose differently moving forward. I’d like to congratulate them on the birth of their son and look forward to a bright future ahead.”

Find out more about our range of sustainable period products and how we’re fighting back on period poverty.