Organic Bamboo Liners

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Our certified organic bamboo liners are supersoft, combining comfort with protection. Perfect for a light flow, spotting in between periods, discharge or other leaks.

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Liners are a great option when you don’t quite need the absorbency of a period pad or tampon. They can be used for spotting in between periods, as well as for discharge or other types of leaks. They are a versatile and convenient option for everyday use.

Liners are thinner and smaller than a typical period pad, making them a great option for when you want to feel secure and keep your underwear protected.

It’s important to note that liners may not provide enough protection during your actual period, so you may want to consider using tampons, pads, or a menstrual cup for heavier flow days.

  • Ultra thin for discreet leak protection
  • Hypoallergenic and gentle on your skin.
  • Silky soft and breathable.
  • Secured in place with an edge-to-edge natural adhesive
  • Wash your hands before you begin.
  • Unwrap the liner and peel off the backing paper to reveal the adhesive.
  • Place the sticky side of the pad down onto the middle of your underwear.
  • Wash your hands again.
  • Our bamboo liners, along with the wrapper, are biodegradable, so please dispose of them in your compost bin.
  • Crafted from certified organic bamboo, our pads have a corn fibre and sap core. They are free from chlorine bleach, synthetic fibres, pesticides, artificial dyes and fragrances. The individual wrap is made from plant starch.
  • Our bamboo liners are made with Oeko-Tex certified organic bamboo, a self-generating super-plant that requires no irrigation, pesticides, or fertilisers. Bamboo absorbs 30% more CO2 than hardwood trees, making it an eco-friendly choice.
  • The liners and its individual wraps are biodegradable, and will naturally break down over time.


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Sustainability Credentials

  • At Grace & Green, we believe in using our business as a force for good by prioritising people and the planet. We are currently in the process of obtaining B Corp certification, which reflects our commitment to high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.
  • Unlike conventional period products, our products are made without pesticides, dyes, and other toxic chemicals.
  • We are a certified carbon-neutral company, and we work closely with Climate Partner to offset emissions throughout our entire supply chain.
Organic Bamboo Liners Subscription
Organic Bamboo Liners Subscription
  • Our products come in recyclable and biodegradable FSC-certified cardboard packaging, which is printed with water and vegetable-based ink to minimise environmental impact.
  • We plant a tree with every order and support climate solutions through our partnership with Ecologi.
  • Our products are designed to reduce waste and made with certified organic materials, wrapped in either recyclable or compostable packaging.
  • Vegan & cruelty-free, we don’t test on animals.
Organic Bamboo Liners Subscription

Oeko-Tex certified with no use of toxic materials, pesticides or fertilisers. Our Bamboo is selected responsibly, safely grown without the usage of toxic pesticides and synthetic chemicals. The bamboo we use is different to the type that pandas eat!


Softer and easier on the skin, our bamboo pads are silky soft, offering you ultra-protection, whilst being incredibly comfortable


We dropped the chemical process to make our tampons the most gentlest and safest for your body and better for the environment too.


Non-irritating & suitable for sensitive skin. Naturally soft and gentle, our organic cotton period products are hypoallergenic, pH neutral and perfect for sensitive skin. Pure and breathable, they support your skin’s natural pH balance and reduce the risk of any irritations and allergies.


Our products are entirely cruelty-free and not tested on animals.


Hypoallergenic and breathable sheets that allow you to stay confident all day long. Prevents unpleasant odour from seeping through. Breathable without any leakages. Non-irritating formula, great for sensitive skin. These light weight absorbent liners are made from 100% organic bamboo. It’s so soft and breathable you’ll probably forget it’s even there!

Organic Bamboo Liners Subscription
Organic Bamboo Liners Subscription

Bamboo is a ‘superplant’

  • Bamboo can grow an astonishing 3ft a day, that’s 30 X faster than trees!
  • Bamboo absorbs 30% C02 and releases 30% more oxygen than hardwood trees
  • Bamboo is a completely self-generating grass that requires no pesticides or fertilisers.
  • Bamboo requires 30% less water to grow than trees, and requires no irrigation
  • Within only 3-5 years, bamboo is ready to be harvested, compared to regular hardwood trees, which can take anywhere between 35-60 years!
  • 6 months of harvesting, new bamboo is already regrowing / maturing, unlike hardwood trees, which take much longer for the ground to restore.

One Order. One Tree.

Our pledge is that for every single order placed through our website, no matter how big or small, we will plant a tree on your behalf somewhere around the globe.


Over the course of 100 years your little trees will absorb over a tonne of C02, and we’ll give updates regularly through our newsletter on how we are getting on together and the impact your custom has!

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Grace And Green - Bamboo Line General Review
Grace And Green - Bamboo Liner Review

Use Your Cycle To Break The Cycle

Conventional sanitary products contain up to 90% plastic and riddled with chemicals. These products not only damage our environment but they are bad for our health. These include: bleach, chlorine dioxide, dioxins and rayons. Organic Bamboo requires no pesticides or fertilisers and only needs rainwater to grow.

Bamboo absorbs 5 times more carbon dioxide than trees and produces 35% more oxygen than trees. It is naturally the fastest growing plant in the world and rapidly renewable. Growing up to 3 feet in 24 hours and reaching maturity within 4-6 years – trees take 30-60 years.

33 reviews for Organic Bamboo Liners

  1. Nicola KS

    Even though these are advertised as sanitary wear for light days etc these can just be worn daily for freshness and as I have found suitable for little leaks should you cough too. They come in a little box with each very thin looking liner neatly wrapped. Being so thin you really don’t even realise that they are there as they feel just an extension of your u underwear with their cotton feel. They also hold really well in place and no bunching up like you get with some liners. I love the fact no plastic is included and cruelty free too

  2. Lexy

    If you’re after a thin panty liner that isn’t bleached then these are a good choice.

  3. M K Kivela

    These are my new favourite liners!!! Due to them being fully plastic free, they breathe REALLY well. So none of that usual sweaty feeling that you’d get with normal liners. Still good for leaks. They have a backing made of that biodegradable “plastic”. What biodegradable waste bags are made of. Not real plastic. Made from corn starch or something like that. But still fully protects from any leaks. Great! Will be buying again.

  4. Jennifer F.

    Excellent service and great environmentally friendly product

  5. Chelsea B.

    When I moved to the UK from the U.S., I had been looking everywhere for a product that ticked all the liner "must have" boxes, and I became a new convert after trying G&G's Bamboo pads and liners. They aren't itchy/irritating, and are soft and absorbent. Great adhesive to them and doesn't unstick after longer wear. I do wish they was an option for a nighttime longer liner as they are currently a standard liner size. But other than that, great product and highly recommend.

  6. Judith

    The liners are individually packed inside a small and lightweight box. Each liner is thin and no smell. They stick well on pants so they can keep my pants and trousers clean. The size of the liners are good for protection. Good absorbency. Helpful especially at the end of my period. The price is also good value for money.

  7. Gabriele B.

    These liners feel very comfortable and I love that they are biodegradable :heart:

  8. Sarah Faichney

    I LOVE these! I’ve used the same brand of panty liners for decades and didn’t think I could be swayed, but here we are. Grace & Green bamboo liners are entirely biodegradable, box and all. The liners are soft, slightly padded, absorbent and extremely comfortable. They’re also breathable (which is a must) and unscented. They come individually wrapped, so they’re easy to pop into your purse or handbag. I think they’re good value for money too. I’m delighted with them and will be buying again!

  9. N Russell

    These are great. Soft and kind to skin. You can barely tell you are wearing one. It feels like the fabric on cotton underwear. It keeps you feeling fresh and dry all day long. I hope these become more affordable in the future so they’re more affordable and more people can access them!!

  10. Hadi

    These panty liners are nice and thin with a soft comfortable surface material and a very adhesive reverse side. The only problem is that the size is too small for me. They aren’t wide or long enough but the width is the biggest issue. I like the thinnest but I wish they were slightly bigger.

  11. Vytaute

    These organic bamboo panty liners are great alternative for supermarket liners that are full of plastic and is not only more environmentally friendly but also healthier for women’s body. These panty liners are biodagradable, has no smell (unscented), ultra thin, are organic and individually wrapped so it is perfect to put in your purse or a pocket.

  12. Michelle Ryles

    I’m so happy that I have discovered Grace & Green as their products are outstanding quality and the panty liners are no exception. You get 3 beautifully designed boxes, each containing 24 organic bamboo panty liners, for the amazing price of £6 (at the time of review). It’s more than I would usually pay for liners but they are so soft that they are worth every penny. It feels almost like you’re not wearing them at all. Within each pack are 24 individually wrapped liners, and they’re so thin and small that they’re perfect for slipping into handbags or pockets, just in case you need them. The wrapper has a decent sticky trip so you can use it for secure disposal. I’m definitely going to treat myself to Grace & Green every month as they make me feel so much more comfortable. It’s a premium product at an affordable price and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

  13. Mr & Mrs C Neno

    I like a bamboo liner as I don’t get on with the plastic ones. They are comfortable. They come individually wrapped. They are very very small though. They are also very thin. They literally are just a liner. No absorbancy so you couldn’t wear them at the end of your period for example. They are too small and thin for me, but I can see their place for those who want a barrier between their lips and their underwear.

  14. duomo2

    These pantiliners work just as well as the usual brand I buy and feel lovely and soft against the skin. They are absorbent and the adhesive sticks well. The only thing I would improve on is having a pantiliner with a longer length, as I prefer all my bits to be covered and not just the centre parts.

  15. Natasha R.

    My favourite sanitary products, and the best chocolate I've ever had!!

  16. jojo

    Good pack, individually wrapped, unscented, non toxic, bamboo,Resealable box. Available to buy in bulk and works out cheaper.

  17. Sylwia S

    These Grace & Green Bamboo Panty Liners arrived in the three-pack. Boxes are nice and easy to open, there are 24 liners in each box, so together 72 individually wrapped liners. These panty liners are very thin, look and feel well made and soft. They are comfortable to wear, almost invisible and didn’t cause any irritation. Liners stay in place nicely and are quite strong and absorbent. Good quality, soft and thin, reasonably priced, so I would happily recommend them.

  18. Yankee Romeo

    The Bamboo Panty Liners are very slim and compact, and are individually wrapped which is handy. It is made with 100% bamboo so it is biodegradable and compostable although I am not sure if any of the recycle companies collect used panty liners for biodegradable or compost purposes… I wouldn’t put them in my compost bin myself. I like the fact that they are unscented – I’ve always used unscented liners. As they’re very slim, during the time heavier discharge I’ll still be using my other panty liners which are slightly thicker. They stick very well to the knickers but they can be peeled without any issues.

  19. Otaku

    These liners feel exactly like normal ones from the liner itself to the wrapping. It’s really hard to believe they contain no plastic because they feel so normal. There’s no skin irritation, which I sometimes get from pads. They’re thin and small (only covering the middle bit of your underwear, not fully covering the gusset if you wear low-leg styles). That’s fine because that’s how liners are anyway. An individually wrapped liner is tiny if you want to pop it into your bag or pocket. The packaging is really classy, and the price seems good.

  20. Love reviewing

    This box contains 3 x 24 pack (72 liners in total). Each liner is individually wrapped and these are eco liners. As well as being better for the environment (all packaging can be recycled) it is also more natural for the body. The liners are very thin. The thinnest I have seen and I would say that these are only for very light use. At the end of a day I found that these were starting to fluff and come apart so I don’t think they are as hard wearing as some on the market.

  21. Caroline P.

    And they’re expensive compared to market leading brands (it’s depressing that you have to be better off to be more green and eco-friendly, and hopefully in time that will change). So the thing that impressed me most was their staying power! Once stuck to knickers properly, they stay there until you remove them. Takes a noticeable (but perfectly ok) tug to remove them. The problems though are more fatal. They’re thin. Compared to any other panty liner, they’re very thin. In the key sense, it’s ok – stuff doesn’t pass through. But they absorb very little (so stuff can spread round on a worse-than-expected day). Nor do they lock in smells in any way. If you wear them because of mild/slight stress incontinence (coughing, sneezing, that kind of thing) they will not last the day. That’s my use, and they don’t. I’m past my periods myself, but they wouldn’t be good unless you were using them literally ‘in case’ of a bit of marking. They wouldn’t have been any good for when I used to use liners, on the last day of spotting. And they won’t lock in that odour either. Using more liners is both more expensive and wasteful on top. It feels like a ‘near miss’. A bit more attention and these would be a great eco-friendly option – and a bigger market. In my experience, most post-menopausal women never start their day without fitting a panty liner; a degree of stress incontinence seems almost universal. Although, as noted, they are more expensive – and these days, that has sharp relevance too.

  22. Donna

    In the current climate of attempting to be green – these do provide a solution for the issue most panty liners have which is the packaging. The packaging of these is biodegradable which is the way products should be going. They do their expected job well. You are kept clean and fresh without any yucky feeling or odour.

  23. cailleach

    These are fantastic, comfortable bamboo panty liners. They come beautifully packaged in a box that can be closed again. The box is cool, calm and white with a bamboo branch graphic, compact and discreet not garish like the big brand packaging. Each pad is individually wrapped in a plain white pouch unlike a lot of liners so they are perfect for keeping a few in a handbag and discreet for younger women to take to college or school. They are great for very light flow days near the end of periods or for reassurance on other days. They stick well to standard cotton pant shapes (not thongs). They feel cool and comfortable to wear. It’s great to have more eco friendly products. At the special price of £1.50 at present they are an absolute steal for a pack of 24! Even at the full price of £2.99 they are still good value for such a nice product.

  24. Sian

    Comfortable to wear. Nice and discreet. Absorb well. No leakage.

  25. A. Douglas

    These pant liners are bamboo so good for the environment and kind to your skin. They come in a box about the size of a face cream! The wrappers aren’t noisy so nice and discreet. The pads are nice and soft and not bleached. Nice all round.

  26. Miss S

    Great product. Well packaged. Good pack size. Come individually wrapped inside so easy to wrap back up before discarding. Made from natural material so don’t feel like they are on. The brand also uses natural 100% organic cotton and they are hypoallergenic with a breathable layer keeping you feeling fresh through the day. The quality of these panty liners is just amazing. The touch is very soft and you can feel the luxury in your skin. Is a bit on the expensive side but you definitely get what you paid for. These are strong & absorbent & comfy to use.

  27. Mersa & Sean

    These are good panty liners. I have used them for the end of my period and also when I am ovulating and there’s a bit more discharge (sorry too much info). They are thin, discreet and stick well on underwear. They are not very good to fit around thongs but they stick well on the front part. They are good to keep my pants and trousers clean and dry. There’s been no odour. I’m sensitive down there and these have not caused any itchiness or any other issues. I would buy these again, in my opinion they are good value. You get 72 panty liners for under 10 pounds and they have no chemicals and are biodegradable. I recommend them!

  28. Mrs. C. Swarfield

    These organic bamboo liners are from Grace and Green who are a company committed to producing organic eco friendly lifestyle products and I am super impressed with the products I have received so far. These liners are ideal for nighttime use and even though they are ultra thin they are super absorbent. Lightweight and breathable these pads are plastic and toxin free and do a brilliant job. I highly recommend and five stars.

  29. Helen

    Nicely packaged and ultra thin liners made from organic bamboo from UK company Grace and Green. They are individually wrapped and are ultra thin, though just the right length and width for standard knickers and silky smooth. Very comfortable and I really like the fact they are compostable too. I’m very happy to recommend them to you too.

  30. cll3

    Grace & Green Organic Bamboo Ultra Thin Liners (3 pack, 72 liners) – Highly Absorbant – 100% Biodegradable Liners – Individually Wrapped – No Chemicals – Hypoallergenic & Plant Based (Bamboo Liners, 3 Pack, 72 Liners) Outstanding quality for these super thin Panty Liners, that are lightweight and extra discreet. Made with biological resources and 100 ecological, everything can be recycled. They have a good absorbency and are all individually wrapped. They come nicely and carefully packaged with greetings card and leaflet of the company. An absolute delight that couldn’t recommend enough.

  31. Amazon Customer

    I’m only giving this 3 stars because of the unnecessary amount of peel-off packaging that each liner comes with. Never come across so much waste before with a pack of liners which are supposedly organic. Also the liner itself left me distinctly un-fresh by the end of the day compared to others. Despite a pretty box, the liners themselves didn’t live up to the concept so I won’t be buying again. Unfortunately these will not perform the way one would want them to. When used with tampons they cannot hold onto leakage well and they don’t stay in place. Spend your money on other things.

  32. PL

    These liners are thin, soft and comfortable. Stay firmly in place too. Small and discreet enough to fit inside pockets. Eco friendly option as it comes in recyclable packaging and the liners are biodegradable.

  33. M. Young

    Thin and comfortable to wear – perfect for lighter period days. I’ve been really impressed with these and the simple white packaging makes them nice and discreet. I prefer individually wrapped liners so you can carry the odd spare in your bag. No complaints about these although the price is a little higher than other boxed liners on the market.

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