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Sustainable Period Survey T&Cs



Sustainable Period Survey T&Cs

By filling in the survey you agree to Grace & Green to the data provided to be stored, analyzed and distributed by Grace & Green.

Grace & Green will not share any individual results, but rather the data as a whole. Therefore any email addresses entered into the competition at the end of the survey will not be linked with any of the data obtained.

Grace & Green, members of their staff, and any persons or organizations that they choose to share the data with, may use the data obtained by the survey for marketing, educational or other purposes.

If at any time after you have submitted your entry, along with an email address you may ask for this data to be removed. Simply email: stephanie@graceandgreen.co

Any email addresses collected through the competition form at the end of the survey will be used by Grace & Green for other marketing purposes such retargeting, newsletter marketing and social media marketing.

Any email addresses collected will be subscribed to our email mailing list. If you wish to be unsubscribed or find out any information we have stored from you, please email stephanie@graceandgreen.co

Grace & Green will end the promotion of the survey once they are satisfied with the amount of entrants.

The winner of the competition will be announced when the survey ends.

The winner will be chosen at random.

In order to send the prize, we will need the name and address of the winner.

The prize will be sent as soon as we receive the address.

Grace & Green will inform the winner when the Grace & Green product selection is online and a product is ready to be chosen.

The winner may choose a prize of either:

a. a year's supply of Grace & Green period products

b. £50 cash


c. a Grace & Green menstrual cup.

If they chose a menstrual cup, they will need to wait until this is available on site. Grace & Green will inform them when this is ready.