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Thank you for your interest in our influencer partnership programme.

We are excited to launch our ethical organic cotton & menstrual cup range this Autumn. And we would love to connect with influencers who are passionate about educating their audiences on products that are better for the environment and safe for us to use.

We are not only creating a intelligently designed range of ethical period products, but we are also providing women with a brand that seeks to set a new norm of being a conscious consumer.

Through our blog The Green Room we aim to inspire conversation around important social, environmental and health topics that are core to our collective happiness and success.

We are a small brand committed to making big changes in the world around us, and we need your help to make our ambitions a reality. We are already forming partnerships with incredible non-profits like The Unmentionables and as we grow, we aim to support many more organizations who are helping women where having a period is more difficult than it should be.

We are currently looking to form partnerships with influencers from a range of different backgrounds and mediums: beauty bloggers; conscious consumer vloggers; environmental and health writers, to review our products and write about Grace & Green.

If you would like to be a part of a community focused on making ethical changes we would love to hear from you. Simply fill in the form below: