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Few of us have the time to study every purchase we make, and deciphering labels and navigating your way through the chemical chaos of the consumer products industry can leave anyone feeling disillusioned. What’s more, current legislation means that period products aren’t obliged to disclose what their products are made from at all – we’re thrown to the opposite end of the spectrum, left stumbling in the dark.

Grace & Green are committed to using minimal ingredients that are all non-toxic, high-performing and entirely natural – and laid out to you with full transparency.

Are Tampons Safe
Are Tampons Safe

A toxic cocktail

Many of us don’t think about what our period products are made from. In fact, most tampons are made from a mix of rayon, polyester and non-organic cotton. This blend makes for one toxic cocktail.

Rayon can dry out the protective mucous of the vagina. Most bright white tampons are chlorine-bleached and likely contain harmful, carcinogenic dioxin residue in their fibres. These fibres can break off into the vaginal canal and harbour bacteria, which can lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Protect your vagina

Our vaginas are like sponges, lined with permeable mucous membranes that protect our bodies from bacteria but can easily absorb chemicals. Choosing simple, organic tampons made of cotton grown without pesticides is the best way to protect your vagina.

Are Tampons Safe
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