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It seems nonsensical that as natural an occurrence as the menstrual cycle can be causing such harm to nature. But conventional tampons and pads are made using cotton that is grown through some of the most water-intensive agriculture practices in the world and, on top of that, each pad contains the equivalent of 4 carrier bags worth of plastic.

We want to return your menstrual cycle to nature. 100% organic cotton, 100% plastic-free, 100% biodegradable.

Inspired by the bold new ways humankind can create, collaborate and innovate through a deeper understanding of our world, we use sustainable raw materials and improved, energy-efficient manufacturing processes. Our factory even gives energy back to the grid.

We have full visibility over our supply chain from end to end, and all of our partners are carefully selected based on their environmental and social responsibility.

Our packaging is entirely recyclable or biodegradable, from the tampon wrapper to the postage box.

For every purchase made, we even plant a tree and fund the best climate crisis solutions through our Ecologi membership. We’re also working away to secure our accreditation as a carbon neutral business.

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