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We believe sustainable period care should be available to all. Periods are as crucial to our existence as breathing yet, for so many – especially those who are vulnerable or living in poverty, it can be their most dreaded time of the month. Period poverty is on the rise in the UK, with 1 in 5 menstruating adults worried about their ongoing ability to afford products. Experiencing this can have a direct impact on success, confidence and happiness. Together we can tackle this crisis.

Period Poverty
Period Poverty

From regularly supplying products to frontline NHS workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, to supporting charities and organisations such as Oxford Mutual Aid, Refugee Women of Bristol, Welsh Women’s Aid, we hope we’re already alleviating the impact of period poverty for some.

Our social impact work also extends overseas, where we support some amazing international NGOs that address period poverty and education in developing countries.

We have also launched our Workplace Initiative, with the intention of improving equality and inclusion in places of work and education by helping their leaders to provide sustainable period care to staff and students. As a female-founded business, empowerment of women in the workplace is of the utmost importance to us, and we work closely with charities such as Smart Works and Women’s Work Lab.

We invite you to join us in supporting these organisations and being the change we want to see. Your choice to buy ethical period products makes a positive impact not only on your health and our planet, but also on vulnerable people worldwide.

Period Poverty