Sustainable Periods: Making The Switch To Organic Alternatives From Rêve En Vert

August 26, 2020

By Frances Lucraft

This article was originally posted by Rêve En Vert here.

In this editorial we discuss why we at REV have made the switch to organic, sustainable period products thanks to organic period product line, Grace & Green – not only are these better for our health but for the planet too. We also share some of our tips for coping with periods naturally.

Periods aren’t usually fun for us women, and the same goes for our dear Mother Earth. Conventional period products come in lots of unnecessary plastic and packaging, which don’t biodegrade. Over 20 billion period products sit in landfills every year, says Harvard Business School. Not only are they bad for the planet, but they tend to be bad for us. Tampons are famously filled with chemicals and fragrance, which should be nowhere near the delicate vagina, that is self-cleaning and needs to retain its natural pH to stay healthy. The vaginal wall is like our skin, it absorbs everything that is applied onto it. Therefore, our bodies absorb the bleached tampons that have chemicals, pesticides, and fragrances within them. Our Earth should be treated with the respect that we treat our body with. Our planet doesn’t enjoy those chemicals, pesticides, and bleach either!

So, what is the answer? Periods are a completely natural bodily function, that should therefore be treated naturally. Grace & Green have made having a period, healthier for you and the planet. Their 100% organic cotton and pads are sustainably made, non-toxic, cruelty free, and made locally in the UK. All of their cardboard packaging and applicator are completely biodegradable, so you can have a totally zero-waste period. Now is the time to make the green switch. As we aren’t going out, we can deliver your sustainable period products straight to you.

Organic Cotton Pads

Grace & Green’s pads never make you feel like you actually wearing one. They are light and breathable yet super absorbent. Their Organic Cotton pads for nighttime are a godsend, preventing those shocking leaking moments that disrupt precious sleep. All of their pads have a plant-based, waterproof backing that give them that essential leak protection. Each pad is packaged in biodegradable purse packs for convenience without compromising on sustainability. If you haven’t liked pads before, we ensure these will change your mind.

Organic Cotton Tampons

Grace & Green have created wonderful organic tampons with and without applicators to suit everyone’s preferences. They expand gently lengthways and widthway for a perfect fit, to avoid leaks. Their tampons have nine grooves to provide enhanced absorption and protection. The woven cord never contains glue, like most conventional tampons, ensuring zero chemicals in their tampons

Natural Ways To Cope

Periods test us each and every month. Cramps, headaches, pimples, backaches, cravings – just to name a few. While we aren’t doctors, all of us at the REV office have picked up techniques for easing some of these pains.

1. Hydrate

We know you’ve probably heard it before, but drink as much water as you can when you are menstruating. During this time, when estrogen and progestogen are low, your body retains more water leading to bloating and even tiredness. Dehydration intensifies cramps and migraines that lots of us get at that time of the month. Have a nice big reusable water bottle by your side at all times, to remind you to drink as much water as you can. We also recommend purifying tap water with Sort Of Coal’s Binchotan.

2. Treat Yourself

Treat yourself to a nice warm bath to soothe your aches, pains, and stress. We reach for Bath Salts by Bjork & Berries because its full of detoxifying and anti-inflammatory oils and salts that work on your body as much as your mind. Take this time to apply a face mask if you are prone to a breakout. The Radiance Clay Mask by Ra Oils uses pink clay to draw out all the impurities from the skin while its rosehip feeds the skin vitamin C, which in turn leaves the skin radiant and pimples significantly reduced.

Give yourself a massage around your lower abdomen or have your partner gently do it for you. The Massage Balm by Lost Explorer is perfect to help ease cramps or backaches. It contains arnica, which is an incredible anti-inflammatory ingredient that relaxes muscles – an essential for bad cramps.

3. A Few Drops Of CBD

A few drops of Wunder Workshop’s famous Tumeric CBD Oil help to relax the mind and body, helping with headaches and cramps. Don’t worry it won’t get you high, because it doesn’t contain THC. CBD, however, is very healing and brings down inflammation within the body. We take this all month long, to help cope with stress, anxiety, and even help reduce soreness after workouts! Take up to 10 drops, twice a day, under your tongue for the best results.