Why Should You Buy Organic Cotton?

January 22, 2019

By Frances Lucraft

An organic revolution

The organic revolution has been gathering pace rapidly over the last decade, particularly with regards to one of the world’s most-used crops: cotton. Over 100,000 million tons of organic cotton were produced in 2015 – and this figure is set to rise.

While the ethical fashion industry is one major purveyor, organic cotton tampons and pads are another important way that organic cotton is used. However, many people with periods are yet to take advantage of them – only 31% of survey respondents were even aware that organic and environmentally friendly period products existed.

Investing in organic cotton period products has hugely positive implications, not only for the environment, but for your health.

What’s so great about organic cotton?

Most importantly, organic cotton contains zero pesticides and other chemicals. The chemical pesticides commonly used in farming non-organic cotton are incredibly damaging to the environment.