Compris Beauty’s Four Step Plan to Nailing Self-care

October 14, 2020

By The Grace & Green Team

Make a bath, toss in some bath salt. Exfoliate with a scrub. Sugar. Cream. Coffee. Your choice!!! Light a candle or two. Make it a mask day. Throw in a hair mask or deep conditioner into the mix. Create and play a self-love playlist right for the moment. Or just close your eyes and meditate . Read a book while you’re at it… Maybe!

If you are like us and glued to the news, you are constantly reminded that we’re still in lockdown and its day 203 (at least at the time of this blog write-up). Despite the unwelcomed challenges the lockdown has brought, there have been the odd plus side such as taking two steps to get to work (hello WFH-culture!), I now see both parents walking their kids to school, better work life balance and for us, being more intentional with looking after ourselves….the buzzword is self care… and you don’t need to be in a 5* Hotel or in Costa del Cornwall to practice self-care.

The time to show yourself some love is now, do it for your body, soul, mind and your mood. Take care of your mental and emotional well being whilst enhancing your outward appearance, that’s a sweet deal if you asked me. Forget everything for a few good moments, create a delicate but beautiful balance internally and externally.

To get rid of stress and create a fun and relaxing environment, take time for yourself. Personal care and self-care goes hand in hand, greater confidence and relaxation fuels a positive sense of self.

Bath and Atmosphere

Take a well deserved hot bath with magnesium spirulina bath salt & scrub, it is an important mineral for relaxation and wellbeing. Hot water works miracles on an achy body. Dial-up the relaxation, even more, light a few candles. The OM collection candles, we love all the scents in this collection. The Lavender and Ylang Ylang is particularly calming. What about the Geranium and grapefruit, the floral and citrus aromas make it uplifting and energising. All scents are perfect for an at-home spa treatment.

Up next Exfoliation

Fill the tub and get your face and body treatments, it’s time for exfoliation. The Malako Body Creme Scrub products with its serious lifting, firming, and depuffing capabilities require just a few minutes to work it’s magic on your face and body. Also, the perfect stock filler for Christmas, the gift of self-care is always a good idea.

Mask in your Bath

While you are at it, why don’t you treat your hair too? The Anita grant deep conditioner is a sweet treat for the moment, a hair mask for softness and shine. Next, pat on a face mask. The Herbal Dynamics leaves your skin refreshed while it helps it recover. What we love about this is that it is an overnight mask which means you can leave it in and your skin recovers while you are sleeping, wash it off in the morning to reveal a refreshed, soft complexion.

Moisturise and seal

Use a lotion packed with ingredients to help further heal your skin, providing moisture-rich, soothing hydration. Add an oil to seal in moisture, choose an oil containing skin-soothing ingredients that leaves your skin feeling smooth and supple. Go for a hydrating product because it keeps your cells healthy and improves circulation.

Then seat and relax, let your body and yourself soak up all the goodness.

Take care of yourself, love yourself and what you have got. The first relationship you have is to yourself, maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself is important. It produces positive feelings and boosts your confidence. Do it for yourself. Do it now. Do it often.

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