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10 April 2019 - by Jenna Thompson

It’s no secret that we love our 100% organic and biodegradable period products, but what about our customers?

Around the world, consumers are taking an increasing interest in the ethical and environmental practices of the brands they buy from. At the heart of our mission here at Grace & Green is the desire to challenge the status quo of the feminine hygiene industry with safe, healthy and effective products crafted from sustainable ingredients. Here are some of the rave reviews we’ve received since we launched our online store in January this year.

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“What struck me first was the chic, minimalist, subtle packaging (which is also 100% recycled – win-win!). I always say that sustainability shouldn’t compromise on style, and I love that Grace & Green agrees that they should never be mutually exclusive. The products themselves are also super subtle looking and really lightweight to wear, and deliver exactly the results you’d expect with zero leakage or fibres. Good design, integrity and quality mean these are my new go-to period products.” – @ruthmacgilpblog

“I think Grace & Green wins the prize for the prettiest period care packaging I’ve ever seen! But besides that, this biodegradable, vegan, cruelty-free and 100% organic certified cotton brand is pretty awesome too.” – @theglowgetterofficial

“Every person that has a period has a completely different experience and a completely different body, which means that one sustainable solution doesn’t work for everyone. Whether it be due to disability, motor issues, mental health, money, access or comfort, trying to make your period more sustainable is most definitely a journey. And for those at the beginning of that journey, or who can’t use reusables, I think organic options from Grace & Green are a great step to take! Their organic cotton products are biodegradable and plastic free, whilst keeping toxic chemicals, bleaches or any other funny stuff far away from your body. Plus, they run a subscription service, so you can have everything you need delivered straight to your door in plastic-free packaging, which saves you money over time.” – @ethicalunicorn

“Forget the ‘blue liquid’ and ‘Mother Nature’ ads. This is a period brand that genuinely cares. Everything has been created mindfully – from their simple, recyclable packaging, to their convenient delivery system, meaning your products will come quarterly or monthly to your door without fuss.” – @besmacc

“I have never been blown away by such personalisation, especially not at this price point. I felt so special opening this, you have absolutely hit the nail on the head. To associate luxury and indulgent with what can be such a dreaded and overwhelming time in the month is a new concept for me, and I can’t wait to receive my perfect package each month.” – Sophie B

“I stumbled across Grace & Green one day when I was looking into the plastics used in feminine hygiene. What a wonderful and amazing company. I’m so glad I’ve become a Grace & Green gal – I don’t think I’ll ever go back!” – Grace & Green customer

“You know you’ve picked a good one when your sanitary towels come with a handwritten note!” – @gemmaberrymanx

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Grace & Green offers tailored period subscription boxes delivered to your door monthly or quarterly – so you never run out. Get 40% off your first subscription using the code G&G40.

Have you tried our natural, eco-friendly period products? We’d love to hear from you. You can email us at hello@graceandgreen.co or reach out to us on social media.

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