Brand New 100% Certified Organic Tampons – With Biodegradable Applicator

17 July 2019 - by Jenna Thompson

It’s time to get on cardboard, or go without!

If you’re an applicator user, cardboard applicators are a huge and positive step towards cutting out plastics. They are completely compostable and won’t be hanging about on this planet for hundreds of years to come.

When we consider that the average tampon will sit in a landfill for hundreds of years, plastic applicators are even worse. A study in Stockholm found that one of the biggest environmental impacts of periods is the use of plastic applicators – a major issue stemming the industry – because they’re made of low-density polyethylene that will take centuries to biodegrade. In fact, they are found so often on UK beaches that many have nicknamed them ‘beach whistles’.

Switching from plastic applicators to cardboard

Applicators are used for a matter of seconds and should never be made from a material that takes centuries to decompose. There is no excuse for this excessive use of plastic when there are other environmentally friendly alternatives out there.

So it’s time to get on cardboard or go without, taking a positive step towards cutting out plastics. “Our efforts to adapt to using cardboard in place of plastic will help our planet in the long run,” says Fran Lucraft, Founder and CEO of Grace & Green.

The difference is in the detail

Grace & Green tampon applicators are made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and come with a specially designed cardboard applicator with a soft rounded-tip for soft, easy insertion.

The Grace & Green Essential Collection was developed as a direct response to health and environmental concerns about plastic levels and concerns around dioxin pollution caused by chlorine bleaching, the extensive use of pesticide spraying on conventionally grown cotton, and the use of rayon and other synthetics in tampons.

We leave the chemical process behind to make our products gentle and safe for your body – and sustainable for our environment.

Product description

  • 100% GOTS certified organic cotton core and veil (to prevent fibre shedding) made without synthetic fibers, rayon, viscose or dioxine
    Biodegradable cardboard designed with a soft rounded-tip for soft, easy insertion. Safe for the body and the environment
  • Made without chemicals and chlorine bleaching. Chlorine, bleach and fragrance-free, just 100% organic cotton core
  • Certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, ICEA- Ethical and Environmental Certification Institute, and Seal of Organic Inc.
  • Superior leak-free protection and highly absorbent
  • Hypoallergenic, non-irritant and safe for sensitive skin
  • Hygienically individually wrapped in paper
  • Cruelty-free and vegan-friendly
  • FDA cleared

The hidden poisons in period products

“Many women are unaware that rayon and rayon-cotton blends are widely used in the manufacture of their period products. Rayon is commonly chlorine-bleached and is a highly absorbent fibre," says Fran. "Dioxin, a toxic carcinogen, is a by-product of all chlorine bleaching methods and is also found throughout the environment in varying levels as a by-product of pesticide spraying and pollution from incinerators."

“When you purchase plastic-free period products, you affect the environment in two positive ways. Firstly, you are reducing the huge demand for plastic and reducing plastic production – critical because the extraction, production and manufacture of plastics releases toxic pollution into the environment. Secondly, you reduce the amount of plastic entering the waste stream once that product has been used – this never breaks down – polluting the ocean, landfills, and threatening the wildlife around us."

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