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24 May 2018 - by Brendan Smith

‘How can you tell if someone is vegan?

Don’t worry, they’ll tell you’

— ironically, I’m pretty sure that this joke crops up on my Twitter timeline far more often than any of my vegan friends discussing their eating habits.

The word 'Vegan' brings to mind an image of a long-haired, sandal-clad hippie sipping a mug of herb-infused tea with ‘calming properties.’

However in October 2016, The Vegan Society reported that veganism in the UK had grown by 350% in ten years – with up to 540,000 people in Britain cutting meat, fish, dairy, eggs, and honey out of their diets. Celebrity icons such as Stevie Wonder, Pamela Anderson, and Ariana Grande have all publicly declared their veganism and there was even a period in 2016 when Queen Beyoncé herself was consuming a plant-based diet. Could the vegan lifestyle be going mainstream?

Natural cup

Gold leaf cup

Photography Eve Wilson

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