7 Ethical UK Fashion Brands And Bloggers You Should Follow On Instagram

31 October 2018 - by Rachel Piper

Instagram has vastly become the go-to source for connecting fashion enthusiasts with inspiring content.


It is now it easier for us to find fashion retailers who share the same ethical values. There are some truly inspiring eco-friendly fashion accounts and bloggers who are highlighting the many benefits of sustainable fashion, sharing valuable information on how to become a more conscious consumer.

Here at Grace & Green, we believe in advocating responsibly manufactured apparel and those who share the same values – that’s why every Tuesday we spotlight one of our favourite ethical fashion inspirations, spreading our love for ethical fashion.

Beaumont Organic | @beaumontorganic

Beaumont Organic is an international ethical ladieswear brand that combines signature styling with contemporary classics. While each garment has the style and sophistication that the modern day woman craves, you can rely on the Beaumont Organic team to choose only the most eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, bamboo and fairtrade fabrics to create their renowned style. Beaumont Organic offers contemporary fashion, brought to you in a responsible way.

Luva Huva Lingerie | @luvahuva

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Introducing Luva Huva, a vintage inspired lingerie brand whose textiles are selected with care and consideration for people and the planet. While each handmade garment has the style and sophistication that any woman craves, you can be assured that the Luva Huva team is creating their core collection with the most natural and ecologically sourced materials like bamboo, hemp and organic cotton. Each piece feels unique, special and thoughtfully designed. We can guarantee that Luva Huva will help you fall back in lust with your lingerie.

Votch | @votchwatch

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Votch is a vegan inspired watch company whose founder Laura, continuously strives to create products that inflict no harm to animals and as little to the environment as possible. Votch believes in making cruelty free accessories more readily available to the public and we couldn’t agree more! This vegan friendly collection is beautifully crafted and made with recycled and renewable materials. Fashion shouldn’t have to be cruel, shop Votch!

Signe Hansen | @useless_dk

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Use Less is a platform to inspire others to invest in long-term fashion essentials to help lower consumption. Signe, the fashion genius behind Use Less will help you choose garments more ethically, all the while learning about consumerism. This blog is intended to help others build a lasting capsule wardrobe, focusing on ways you can fix your garments instead of throwing them away. What’s more, you can shop her Instagram feed on her website! Buy less, and explore Signe’s ethical outfits.

Ayten Gasson Lingerie | @aytengasson

Ayten Gasson Lingerie demonstrates a passion for luxurious design and quality construction. Designer Ayten Roberts handmade collection is designed to not only flatter the female form, but is made with the most ecological materials such as recycled vintage fabrics, peace silk and organic silk as a testament to her ethical and sustainable approach to production. Each piece delicately made and thoughtfully designed. Browse Ayten Gasson Lingerie and fall back in love with lingerie.

Roxy Hempel | @_theecoedit

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The Eco Edit is an eco-conscious lifestyle & style blog that focuses on the greener style of living. Roxy, the founder of this lifestyle platform, is a believer in advocating brands that support fairtrade and sustainability, eco-friendly fashion and beauty products that are cruelty free and vegan friendly. The Eco Edit is a great source for showing us how we can consciously make better decisions regarding the products we buy without comprising on the quality. Start scrolling through all that this blog has to offer and see how you can start making a more positive impact.

The Woodland Wife | @thewoodlandwife

The Woodland Wife is a lifestyle blog inspired by wild nature and simplicity. Jessica, founder of the Woodland Wife, has an honest, practical and ethical approach to slow living and wellness. This lifestyle platform shares informative posts on which ethical clothing brands are reliable and made to last. Jessica’s personal journal covers a range of topics to start you on the path to slow living. Get inspired with the Woodland Wife.

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