Revolutionising Periods in the Workplace with See Her Thrive

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April 19, 2023

By The Grace & Green Team

We are thrilled to announce that Grace & Green and See Her Thrive are partnering to provide organisations with the products, education and confidence needed to support menstrual health in the workplace.

With Grace & Green’s expertise in sustainable menstrual products and See Her Thrive’s knowledge in menstrual health education, our partnership will provide organisations with comprehensive solutions to support employees’ menstrual health needs. Together, we will help break down the stigma surrounding menstruation, promote inclusivity in the workplace, and improve the overall well-being of employees!

Two women with a mission

Our two female founders, Fran and Clare, met through their shared mission of empowering those who menstruate. Both Grace & Green and See Her Thrive aim to improve menstrual health literacy, dismantle stigmas around taboo topics and challenge the status quo of the ‘feminine hygiene’ industry in its current state.

Fran, an expert in environmental management, founded Grace & Green after witnessing the devastating environmental impact of conventional period products. Grace & Green create certified-organic, non-toxic and reusable period products to help people manage their periods safely and sustainably.

Clare is a Business Psychologist who, as a result of her own experiences of living and working with PMDD, founded See Her Thrive to provide organisations with the knowledge, tools and confidence to better support their female workforce and create an environment where women can thrive.

How our partnership is going to change life for menstruators in the workplace

Our partnership seeks to ensure that all workplaces are able to create an inclusive ecosystem which runs throughout the entire organisation:

1. Providing Access to Sustainable Period Products

No one should have to worry about being caught off-guard during their period while at work. It’s a common experience that can disrupt productivity and affect overall well-being! By offering free period products in the workplace, you show your commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all employees. Grace & Green’s award-winning, 100% organic, and sustainable products are kind to both the body and the planet.

2. Creating Cultural Shifts through Education, Training and Awareness

Training on menstruation, menstrual conditions, and menopause normalises periods in the workplace. Educating employees about the challenges those who menstruate may face can break down barriers to open conversations. This reduces shame and embarrassment associated with menstruation and related health concerns. See Her Thrive specialise in providing unique learning experiences which engage and inspire, and where everyone who attends is made to feel 100% comfortable and confident to ask questions and share experiences.

3. Supporting People through Inclusive Policies

Creating policies that address menstruation is crucial for promoting workplace equity and supporting those who menstruate. This includes providing menstrual products, offering flexible work arrangements, and fostering a supportive workplace culture that de-stigmatises menstruation. Prioritising the needs of those who menstruate ensures that all employees feel valued, respected, and supported. Grace & Green and See Her Thrive can help you at every step of the way.

Join our Open House to find out more

Are you intrigued about how we could help you to create a gender equitable workplace?

We invite you to join our Open House, a free online session on Tuesday 16th May at 12pm, where you can find out more about Grace & Green and See Her Thrive, pick our brains if you want to, and ask any questions you have. It will be a no-pressure, no-sell zone – we just want you to feel comfortable!

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