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The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) sets a highly regarded standard for the use of organic products in textile materials. It puts emphasis on their products being produced with the least possible harm made to the environment.

GOTS set a strict requirement regarding ecological and social standards in providing companies with such a certification.

With this certification, HWRCo’s organic cotton products are non-toxic, pesticide free and contain no genetically modified organisms in them

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Grace & Green proudly stands by the FSC’s mission to promote the management of forests worldwide in a socially, environmentally and economically beneficial way.

The council operates in more than 80 countries, they create community relations in respecting of indigenous peoples’ rights to maintain their land, all while making a significant environmental impact.

For over a decade, the FSC has come to be regarded as the most meticulous and credible forest certification system, This means that our product packaging is verified as ethically sourced and handled.

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The ICEA certification ensures not only the quality of the organic ingredients we use but also the ethics behind our entire production cycle.

This certification is recognised worldwide as a guarantee of a commitment towards a model of sustainable and supportive economy and marks a business as one that carries out its business with respect for people and the environment, protecting the dignity of workers and the rights of consumers.

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ClimatePartner is our partner for climate action. They offer companies climate action solutions: from carbon footprints and climate action strategies all the way to carbon neutral products with the support of international carbon offset projects.

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Ecologi works with Eden Reforestation to plant trees. For every order we’re planting a tree in our Ecologi forest.

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Oeko-Tex textiles and fabrics are certified as free from harmful chemicals and are safe for human use. Organic certification means that textile and fabric products are grown according to strict guidelines around the use of petroleum based fertilisers, pesticides and synthetic products

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After a year of hard work and development, Grace & Green is now a B Corp pending. We have filed our application and on route to becoming one of the highest scoring B Corp’s in period care in the world!

This proves, and furthers, our commitment to being a business who puts purpose over profit. We’re proof that businesses can be a means for good.

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We’re committed to paying all of our employees the Real Living Wage, as set by the Living Wage Foundation. We believe everyone should earn a fair day’s pay, based on the cost of living – not just the government minimum. We join almost 9,000 other businesses in paying the Real Living Wage.

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We believe that certain marketing tactics are manipulative, full-stop. That’s why we’ve signed The Ethical Move Pledge against unethical marketing and selling.

Incorporating transparency, trust, and honesty, we pledge to never greenwash, airbrush or manipulate customers in any way to make sales.

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Why Grace & Green?

Our goal is to provide effective, organic, biodegradable period products that are kind to both people’s bodies and the environment, combining pioneering design and innovative manufacturing with high quality, natural and organic ingredients. Our range of period products is certified by numerous globally-recognised bodies , to ensure they are both ethically sourced and produced and as safe as they can be.

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Grace & Green – pioneering a circular economy within the hygiene industry. Our values are those of a brand started by an environmental and social scientist with a passion for sustainability and slow living

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Your body

We believe you should have full control over what you put in your body. We’re committed to using minimal ingredients that are all non-toxic, high-performing and entirely natural – with full transparency guaranteed.

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Our planet

We want your menstrual cycle to work with nature, not against it. Our products are 100% organic cotton, 100% plastic-free. We even plant a tree for every new subscription.

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We believe sustainable period care should be accessible to all, and are always striving to support dignity and safe hygiene where it is needed through our social impact and workplace initiatives.

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