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S/S '17 Collections: Five Timeless Pieces to Invest In

The world consumes a staggering 80 billion pieces of clothing a year. Given this volume, it is no surprise that the fashion industry is right behind the oil industry as the world's second-biggest polluter. Add to that the fact that 1 in 6 people work in the clothing industry - with the majority of them earning less than $3 a day* - and it's clear that fast fashion is taking an enormous toll.

Slow - or sustainable - fashion is gathering pace as the conscientious way to shop. Sustainable clothing is manufactured responsibly, either locally using artisans or in factories where workers are paid a fair wage. Transparency is key to this movement. Materials are organic and/or made with minimal impact to the environment.

As a result, the quality of these garments is high. They are not only one of the most solid investments you can make for the planet but also your wardrobe.

There are  some uber-cool, sustainably made pieces currently on the market, at a range of price points. Here are our top five investment pieces for Spring/Summer '17.

cat eye sunglasses

Stella McCartney Black Falabella Cat Eye Sunglasses

Over-sized cat eye sunglasses ooze timeless chic, evoking the chic of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. 

Stella McCartney is a pioneer of sustainable fashion and her eyewear collection is no exception. All of her sunglasses are the result of extensive research into the use of raw materials from natural origins. The collection is made from over 50% natural and renewable resources. They are an investment piece at £250.


Everlane Classic Chinos



Everlane have reinvented the sustainable retailing model. They are transparent about manufacturing costs, keep costs down by being online only and build strong relationships with their factories to ensure responsible manufacturing. The result is a high-quality collection of wardrobe staples. These 100% Cotton Poplin Chinos are reasonably priced and will be an invaluable addition to your wardrobe. Wear with a slinky camisole and heels at night or with loafers and a thin sweater during the day for Spring.

Available for around £50 from www.everlane.com

Beaumont Organic Kennedy Cotton Top

This slouchy striped top is perfect for lazy summer mornings reading the paper in the park. British brand Beaumont Organic's clothing range is made with sustainable materials and is £65 from www.beaumontorganic.com






Tome classic shirt dress


 Tome Red Heavy Crepe V Neck Dress

Every stylish woman should have two items in her wardrobe - an incredible red dress and a flattering wrap dress.


A favourite label of NYC It girls, sustainable brand Tome have a gorgeous 'classics' range which features outstanding investment pieces. 

With a price tag of £1000 from www.tomenyc.com, this timeless classic is a serious investment piece that you will keep forever.

linen dress






 Mara Hoffman Organic Linen Slip Dress

 Mindful and conscious practices are now  at the heart of Mara Hoffman's  eponymous label. As she says 'once you  see, you can't un-see'. They are  committed to using recycled and organic
 fabrics and supporting responsible  manufacturing practices. 

 We absolutely adore this organic linen  dress in sunburst yellow, which will put a  spring in your step for many summers to  come. 

 Visit www.marahoffman.com to order this  dress for around £240 


In an industry driven by seasonal changes and fast fashion, beginning to shop sustainably can be a mind shift for many of us. Change begins with the individual. By consciously shopping and being aware of the impact that everything we buy and use has on the environment, we can have an impact.

Grace & Green is a socially motivated lifestyle brand connecting women with exceptional period products that are made sustainably. Good for the planet, good for the body. As a value-led brand we are committed to the planet and limiting our impact on the environment, which is why our whole ethos is around implementing sustainable practices across all of our operations.

Our core purpose is to produce the best products, cause no unnecessary harm and use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis. 

Join the movement today.

* Stats taken from 'The True Cost', a 2015 documentary film on the fashion industry. 

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