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Ocean Wear: Stella McCartney to Turn Ocean Plastic into Couture

                            Stella McCartney Image: KARWAI TANG/GETTY 

If current trends continue, the ocean will contain more plastic than fish by 2050.

A sobering thought.

Which is why a new fashion collaboration is seeking to address some of the damage being done, guided by the belief that ethical business can change the world.

Stella McCartney has pioneered sustainability in fashion - she was one of the first to veto animal products in her influential clothing line and has steadfastly refused to compromise on ethics, concentrating on transparency in the supply chain wherever possible.

The brand has just launched an exciting new collaboration with Parley for the Oceans, a think tank that brings together influencers and leaders in the creative space to improve the oceanic environment.

The Stella McCartney/Parley Ocean Legends project will see upcoming pieces in her collections use materials produced from recycled ocean plastic, replacing polyesters.She has already used the Parley fibres in her sports collection for Adidas, such as these sneakers weaved with yarn from reclaimed ocean plastic.

               Adidas Ultraboost X Parley X Stella McCartney. Image: Adidas

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