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New to organic eating? We've got easy tips to get started

From our teen years of uncertainty through our sometimes fractious years of maturity, the average woman will spend years being plucked, shaved, waxed, exercised and stretched. We’d probably dip ourselves in a vat of boiling oil if it were a foolproof way to shed five pounds. We can be guilty of ludicrous diet behavior. 

Many women struggle with an almost abusive mindset when it comes to food. We often forget the fundamental questions we should actually be concerned with. Little things like -  does this food nourish me well? Was it produced in a way that’s good for the planet? Does it have a story, an interesting provenance?

Taking a more holistically thoughtful approach to food can fundamentally change your life. That is, being concerned about where something comes from, whether it is good for your body and not with how many calories it holds. This is about feeling great rather than fitting into some media-driven idea of what you should look like. It’s amazing how quickly your approach to food can become more balanced by treating food with the respect that it deserves.

If you currently buy organic here and there but aren’t too sure how to kick it up a notch, we have some starting tips for a sustainable approach to living

Eat 100% grass fed beef
If we’re going to eat meat, we need to look after the animals that provide it and treat them with the respect they deserve. Animals that graze only on grass also produce beef that’s lower in fat and higher in vitamins.

Buy organic berries
Conventional strawberries topped a recent list of foods most treated with pesticides. Around 300 pounds of pesticides were applied per acre according to the Environmental Working Group. Buy certified organic and make yourself an almond milk and strawberry smoothie to start the day.

Grow your own vegetables
If you have the space, a vegetable garden will add joy to your life as well as homegrown organic produce. There’s a huge pleasure in cooking something you’ve nursed yourself, triumphing in the successes and laughing at the flops. Talking to one’s plants is obligatory. If you don’t have that luxury, get some herbs for your kitchen windowsill or balcony.

Become a regular at the local Farmers’ Markets
If you can’t have a kitchen garden, there’s no better way for an Urbanite to eat directly from the land on a budget than to find your nearest farmers’ markets. Establish a friendship with a chosen provider and they'll tell you what to expect with the next crop or even sneak you secret family recipes. Check out localfoods.org.uk to find one in your area.

Buy organic free range eggs
Happy chickens lay more nutritious and delicious eggs. Not all free range eggs are certified organic and there are lots of loopholes that producers can exploit. Studies have shown that organic free range chickens have the best quality of life.

Make your own ABC spread
Love peanut butter? Make a healthier alternative without the preservatives by buying organically produced almond, brazil and cashew nuts and whizzing them up in a food processor with a dash of macadamia oil.

Eat sustainably sourced fish
Many fish stocks are in serious decline. With over 80% of the world’s fish stocks in danger of overfishing, what you put in your mouth now can really matter to future generations. Consumers can help by demanding that fish is sustainably sourced. Check out www.goodfishguide.org or download the app so that you can do an on-the-spot check.

Grace & Green are a socially motivated lifestyle brand dedicated to changing the world, one period at a time. Stay in the loop on our ideas on how to #livegraciously.

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