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Is Bamboo the Future of Fashion? Boody Think So

 Capable of growing at a staggering rate of four feet per day, bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet and holds great promise for sustainable fashion.

The clothing industry is the second biggest polluter in the world, right behind oil. Over a million tonnes of textiles are thrown away in the UK each year, which is why conscious consumers are beginning to consider eco-friendlier options.

Grace & Green are proud to collaborate with a cool new breed of ethical fashion labels who are making a difference while staying chic. One of these is Boodya clothing and underwear label that uses organic bamboo yarn to make basics that are good for both your body and the environment. 

underwear photo shoot

Grace & Green model wearing Boody Crop Bra & Boy Leg Briefs

Like Grace & Green, who make period products for women from 100% certified organic cotton, Boody is chemical-free. Marrying everyday simple fashion with a breathable and hypoallergenic fabric, eco-conscious Boody uses much less water than cotton-based fabrics and is a perfect choice for consumers with sensitive skin.

We chatted with David Stern, Managing Director at Boody, about the birth of the Australian brand that is now loved worldwide.

Tell us the story behind the creation of Boody.

Boody was born in Sydney, Australia, as a challenge to design simple, comfortable and attractive apparel with earth-friendly materials. We were always searching for the most comfortable underwear and body wear, but couldn’t find products that also satisfied our personal pursuit of eco-friendly fabrics and processes. Then, we discovered the viscose made from organic bamboo.

What are the benefits of using bamboo?

There are multiple benefits from using bamboo in our products. Sustainably, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth and requires far less water than cotton. The natural qualities of the bamboo “kun” make our product naturally thermo-regulating, breathable, anti-static, and silky soft.

boody basics
Grace & Green models wearing Boody basics

 Why is it important to you to run a sustainable business?

Running a business today is about more than being successful. There is a social responsibility that comes with it. For us, making a product that is eco-friendly and superbly soft, is a win-win.

How have you seen the sustainable fashion industry change or develop in the past few years?

The sustainable fashion industry has definitely developed in the past few years. As more consumers learn about eco-friendly fashion lines, more companies are trying to find their sustainable niche. Boody was founded on the idea of being eco-friendly everyday apparel, so for our brand, it has always been our primary focus.

Do you think the customer is becoming more aware of the consequences of the fashion industry?

Yes. However, many consumers are unaware of the harmful consequences of the fashion industry. Being a “trend-driven” world, so much fabric and clothing is wasted by companies always looking for the next big “pattern”. At Boody, we stick to everyday basics that become an essential part of the wardrobe. Our clothing can be worn forever and doesn’t go in and out of trend. That aspect, along with making sure our production process is sustainable and eco-friendly, helps educate our consumers about making better ethical fashion choices.

What are the future plans for Boody?

The future plans for Boody are to reach more consumers around the world. Being such a new company, we are still introducing so many people to our product. As our company and consumers grow, we’ll expand our line of products to fit the activities of our everyday customer.

boody wear
Models #weargraceandgreen & Boody basics

As we prepare for launch, we recently held a photo shoot, with our Grace &Green models looking gorgeous in Boody.  Boody underwear and basics are the perfect complement to wearing Grace & Green - comfortable, organic, safe and chemical-free. 

Grace & Green is a socially motivated lifestyle brand connecting women with exceptional period products. Every aspect of our product has been thoughtfully considered, from the 100% certified organic cotton in our pads to its thoughtful, recyclable packaging. It's time for new beginnings - subscribe now to join the movement and receive pre-launch updates.  

#weargraceandgreen #newbeginnings

Written by Louise Bonner and Skye Rytenskild

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