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How to be Two Good

How to be two good

The 'Ben Shewry' Two Good Lunch Jar - Chicken, Kimchi, Snake Beans and Soba Noodles

So many of us think in an abstract way about making a difference. For most of us, our altruistic urges remain just that. Vague ideas which fire when walking past a soul in need on a city street corner, only to go dormant when we’re wrapping our lips around a latte, late for a meeting.

Rob Caslick, on the other hand, has activated his social conscience in spectacular fashion. Along with his business partner Cathal Flaherty, the busy engineer has applied his flair to the “Buy One, Give One” social enterprise model in the shape of the successful, Sydney-based Two Good, whose motto is "you eat one, we treat one". 

Two Good has grown organically, in every sense of the word. From their days cooking a BBQ for the homeless, to the Organic Soup Kitchen they started at St Canice's church in King’s Cross, Rob and Cathal have always been involved with their local community. They decided to step it up a notch in 2015. Asking themselves how they could do more - without fundraising - they saw an opportunity to accelerate social impact.

The Two Good concept involves selling jarred lunches designed by some of Australia’s top chefs. For every lunch sold to corporate entities or individuals, one is donated to a domestic violence shelter. While the recipes belong to celebrity chefs, all the cooking is done by women from domestic violence shelters in Sydney, in Two Good’s dedicated kitchen, now at Carriageworks in Eveleigh.

How to be two good

A key facet of domestic violence is that it strips victims of their self-worth, leaving them feeling undeserving. Two Good addresses this by using only the best quality ingredients and beautiful packaging. It’s why they collaborate with some of the biggest chefs in the Australian restaurant industry. Recipes from huge stars such as Neil Perry, Kylie Kwong and Ben Shewry not only give the delicious jars a USP for consumers but also enhance each charity jar with a sense of luxury and quality. These women deserve the best. With such a strong proposition, Rob has had no trouble getting stars on board - in some cases they actually approach him. Deliveroo has also partnered with Two Good to deliver the jars to paying customers.

How to be two good

Attica Chef Ben Shewry with Two Good Founder Rob Caslick 

Change occurs at a grass roots level. By engaging women from the shelters in meal preparation, Two Good helps restore self-esteem and provide direction. As Rob says:

“Giving away food is quite passive. We can make much more of an impact through employment and training.”

In 2017 Two Good will be focusing on providing more of an employment pathway for the women in the program, so that training in the kitchens becomes a stepping stone towards a long-term job. One success story is a homeless woman who came into the original Two Good kitchen at St Canice’s in King’s Cross. She took to the kitchen like duck to water and has now gone on to other employment. However, she still volunteers with the program, keen to stay involved with something which gave her such succour at a time of need.

With a branch opening recently in Melbourne and a slew of planned collaborations in 2017, Two Good shows no signs of slowing down and has a mission to provide meals to every domestic violence shelter across the country. 

Two Good proves that food is so much more than food. The right recipe can change people’s lives.

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