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Grace & Green kitchen rendezvous: Entry 1

Grace & Green kitchen rendezvous: Entry 1

Skye Rytenskild writes for Grace & Green, as well as a number of other lifestyle sites and design titles. She is a dilettante when it comes to organic cooking. However - what she lacks in skill, she makes up for in enthusiastic adjectives. She will also be editing a new column for Grace & Green: Kitchen Rendezvous. She took the first bite...

I take a sustainable approach to sourcing food by….

By always checking the provenance of the food I buy. I once read a book excitingly titled ‘How to live like Leonardo Da Vinci’ of which I held great hopes. I've forgotten most of it but clearly recall the recommendation to meditate on the genesis of the dish one is about to eat before devouring. Not always fitting in the middle of a dinner party but worth trying. Also less inspiring if it was from the Tesco bargain bin.

A modern inspiration is that other renaissance Leonardo – Dicaprio – whose Instagram feed is a paean to the importance of sustainable fishing. I endeavour to always check if the fish I’m about to purchase has been sustainably fished. Preferably by Leonardo Dicaprio.

My favourite, healthy ‘green’ dish is…

A bunch of fresh organic Portobello mushrooms, sliced to a moderate thickness. Toss in a pan with a tbsp of virgin olive oil, garlic and finely chopped onion. Saute the mushrooms until just tender and throw in some coriander and a dash of organic crème fraiche. Delicious.

Grace & Green kitchen rendezvous: Entry 1

My best tip for running an environmentally friendly kitchen is…

Be organised so that recycling is automated rather than a weekly struggle of trying to decipher what is what. 

In my ‘Room 101’ of foodstuffs would be…

Baked beans. I know it is sacrilege and a devastating blow against greasy spoons all over the UK but there’s something Not Quite Right about the texture. Slimy, slug-like, unnatural little things. 

For breakfast tomorrow, I’m having…

Boiled eggs with organic seeded sourdough toast soldiers, cracked pepper and Himalayan sea salt. Eggs must be boiled for exactly 3 ¾ minutes, otherwise the whole show is over before it begins. It’s a precarious game.

If by unhappy circumstance I found myself on death row, my last meal would be…

A dozen escargot, confit de canard, crème brulee. A bottle of Saint Emillion. Ideally in Saint Germain, if they’ll let me out for a few hours. Basically I'd like the last meal that a French aristocrat might have requested before going to meet Madame Guillotine.

Grace & Green kitchen rendezvous: Entry 1

If I were to afterwards reincarnate as someone I admire, it would be…

Tina Fey. Her work is amazing, she’s fierce and funny and intelligent and inspiring. She has an inimitable voice which can be screamingly funny without becoming vulgar or crass.


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