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G&G Kitchen rendezvous w/Birch, Bristol

G&G Kitchen rendezvous w/Birch, Bristol

Birch modestly describes itself on Instagram (@birchbs3) as 'a small neighbourhood restaurant with a garden'. In truth it is a very special restaurant indeed, that has gained a cult following amongst locals and gourmet travellers in its locale of a former off licence in Southville, Bristol. Owners Sam Leach and Beccy Massey draw much of the produce from their own patch and serve delicious, inventive dishes to one of the toughest culinary crowds in the land.

Sam Leach took the G&G Kitchen Rendezvous questionnaire...

I take a sustainable approach to sourcing food by…

Buying locally grown produce - organic as much as possible. Plus growing our own and cutting out produce which requires importing, heated growing or high biocide use.

My favourite, ‘healthy’ green dish is…

We love vegetables so this time of year is great and there is plenty of choice. On our menu this week is seared mackerel with beetroot and blackcurrants. We use beautiful line-caught fish from Dorset dayboats, home-grown beetroot and blackcurrants.

G&G Kitchen rendezvous w/Birch, Bristol

My best tip for running an environmentally friendly kitchen is…

Swap your avocados, salmon and cashew nuts for cabbage, mackerel and organic dairy products. Only buy what you need, eat leftovers, support your local growers, eat less meat and more pulses.

In my ‘Room 101’ of foodstuffs are… 

Margarine, ‘juice like drinks’, vegan cheese.

For breakfast tomorrow I’m having…

Eggs on buttered toast and gooseberry ketchup.

If by unhappy circumstance I found myself on death row, my last meal would be….

A whole crab, a bottle of good champagne, half a loaf of bread and mayonnaise. 

If I were to afterwards reincarnate as someone I admire, it would be…

Michael Palin!

Book a table at Birch here. Find out more here about Grace & Green and our combined philosophy of health, environment and social values.

G&G Kitchen rendezvous w/Birch, Bristol

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