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Gorgeous Eco-Beauty Buys: Our Top Five

Women are becoming more conscious of what they put on, in and around their bodies. There has been a huge rise in the amount of organic and natural beauty products on the market - but how do we know which ones work? We take a look at some of the best on the market:

ECOTOOLS Six Piece Starter Set, £11.05

Image: EcoTools 

Ecotools' make up brushes possess the softness that only a truly natural product can. Like Grace & Green, the company was founded with the intention of not only being kind to the environment but also to our bodies.

Ecotools have received rave reviews for their even coverage, precision and softness. They are cruelty free - plus any synthetic material is made from recycled materials. The items are packaged in tree-free paper and the handles are made from recycled bamboo.

The Starter Pack is the best way to introduce yourself to these high end items without parting with too much cash.

Skinny Tan Mad About Mousse Super Kit, £29.99 (was £60.00)

If you want a natural and toned glow that smells like coconut heaven, Skinny Tan is the product for you.

Featured on Dragon’s Den, the Skinny Tan range boasts itself as the “first self-tanner that combines a natural tanning active with naturally derived skin smoothing actives to tan, contour and reduce the visible appearance of cellulite”. This is quite the undertaking and what’s more, the Skinny Tan team promise your money back if it’s not the ‘best tan’ you’ve had.

All hype? We spoke to women who have used this product and they said no to the hype – they are skinny tan converts and would never look back. 

You only need to look at the reviews to corroborate this – definitely one to try as the winter pale draws near.  


 Image: Superdrug 

Skin & Tonic Steam Clean Cleansing Balm, 50g, £27

Skin & Tonic was born as a result of founder Sarah’s consciousness of what she put in and on her body following a diagnosis of endometriosis.

A particular favourite of ours is the Steam Clean Cleansing Balm which is activated (and really packs a punch!) when used with a warm and wet 100% organic and super soft Skin & Tonic cotton cloth.

With invigorating ingredients such as Thistle, Eucalyptus and Spearmint, you feel like some magic alchemy is taking place in the one minute you hold the cloth to your face. Probably not for daily use as there is some oomph behind this product, but a must-have when your skin needs a wake-up call!  

Most importantly – this product is certified by the Soil Association, is 100% Natural and 99% Organic.

As if it couldn’t get any better, Skin & Tonic also donate 10% of their profits to Charity Water.


Origins Flower Fusion Violet Face Mast, £5.00

One of the longer established natural beauty brands in our lineup, Origins is over 25 years old and has a well-established back catalogue of products such as the Night-a-mins range.

Part of a range of six face masks, the Violet mask is marketed as the best for nourishment. Whilst it is a touch on the ‘wet’ side, the calming aromas make this an ideal evening mask as you wind down.

The Flower Fusion Violet leaves you with super soft skin and also calms any facial inflammation you might be experiencing.

Mauli Grow Strong Hair Oil, 30ml, £29.00

At the steeper end of the price range for any item of its ilk, the Mauli Grow Strong Hair Oil is money well spent.

Growth Hair Oils never usually do as they say but Mauli’s confidence in the historical roots in traditional Indian practice and the blend of 15 intense natural ingredients meant we had to try it.

Perfect for those who treat their hair at night – a few drops massaged into the scalp and roots overnight (2-3 times per week) with a normal rinse and wash in the morning leaves dry ends transformed after only a few weeks.


 Image: Mauli Rituals 

Grace & Green is a revolutionary new hygiene company which is committed to removing plastics from an everyday product for women – tampons & pads. Our new product collection is made only from pure, certified organic cotton. 

We’re also pushing for more companies to be transparent about what’s in their products. We’ll be hosting a #EthicalHour chat on Twitter on September 18, 8-9pm BST – join us for the chance to WIN a year’s subscription of organic products, plus a yoga mat from CorkYogis.

Written by Nicola Telford for Grace & Green 

All Images Free For Distribution Via Creative Commons Licensing

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