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Festival Survival 101: Managing Your Period

'Tis the summer season of festival frolicking. Time to embrace mud-splattered Hunter wellies and potentially days on end without a shower, as well as instantly deep conversations about Cabbage lyrics with someone you've just met in the line for the portaloos. 

Speaking of which...festival portaloos are well known for evoking a shudder in even the most seasoned festival-goer. Something which Glastonbury Sanitation Managers have taken on board - they introduced loads more organic compost loos last year to squelch complaints about the famously faulty and malodorous plastic 'tardis' loos.

But what to do if you've got your period? We've got some tips for how to manage your period at a festival so that it doesn't hamper the experience. Au contraire - it can be a triumph of well-organised womanhood!

                                      Iconic: La Moss at Glastonbury, 2005

First Off, Go Easy on the Booze

This may be easier said than done but try to moderate your alcohol intake when you have PMS or are on your period. According to Harvard, changes in hormones during the menstrual cycle can effect how a woman metabolises alcohol and make them more sensitive to the effects. While a little can help with cramps and obviously enhance the whole experience, a lot of booze may just mean you're the one in a heap at the end of the day.

Yes, we know it is a festival but remember to drink lots of water and pace yourself. Definitely be careful about mixing painkillers with alcohol. 

Remember to Pack the Hand Sanitiser

Most festivals will have hand sanitiser and/or hand-washing outlets near the loos but it's canny practice to have some extra with you, particularly if you are camping and things are getting a little, err, National Geographic. Having clean hands before you insert a tampon lowers your risk of all sorts of nasties, including Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). 

Make Friends with Leak-Proof Bags 

It's integral to keep your hygiene products clean and dry. Decant your organic cotton tampons into a leak-proof bag for ultimate festival hardiness. Choose a more eco-friendly alternative to the old plastic sandwich bag - we love these pretty silicone reusable bags from Stasher, which come in a range of colours. 


                Glastonbury 1989. Image: Dylan Martinez

Use Biodegradable Tampons or Pads

Essential. If you are disposing of your tampon or other sanitary products in a festival compost loo or long drop, you 100% need to be using biodegradable. Most tampons and sanitary pads on the market are made from synthetic fibres and plastic derivatives that will not break down, meaning that they end up clogging waterways and landfills. Not only that, they can harm your body - your vagina is an incredibly porous membrane and can absorb chemicals. Always put your health first by using organic tampons and pads made from natural fibres.

Grace & Green is a socially motivated lifestyle brand that connects women with exceptional period products. Made from 100% Organic Cotton, they're good for your body, as well as the planet. It's time to join the zeitgeist - join the movement today towards a better world. 

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