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3 Ways to Stay Conscious This Christmas...

As your cup(s) runneth over this Christmas, it's refreshing for the festive spirit to stop and put a little thought into what we're taking out - and putting back - into the world. 

'Tis the season of mass consumption but with a little conscious thought, you can make sure that Santa Claus feels that you've been much better than usual this year... 

#1 Eat Ethically 

It's easy for December dinner parties to spiral into despotic over indulgence. Before you empty the supermarket shelves, consider that a staggering 7.3 million tonnes of food ends up in UK landfills each year. The problem is at its worst over the festive season, with shoppers collectively wasting around £64 million worth of food. 

Conscious buying can go a long way towards assuaging that problem. Plan menus, portions and ways to use up leftovers. Make Turkey and Roast Vegetable Pies and freeze them for the New Year. 

Buying organic and free range from your local farmer's market will not only be better for you but support the local community. Find out why you should make the switch to organic. 

#2 Give Ethical Presents 

Ethical gifting has become much easier over the past few years, with the explosion of chic ethical brands at a range of price points. From clothing to candles, it's possible to find something which the recipient will love, that's also manufactured with an eye to the environment. 

We love these gorgeous ethical beauty brands. Who wouldn't love the Steam Clean Balm from eco-beauty powerhouse Skin and Tonic in their Christmas Stocking?

Image: Skin & Tonic 

#3 Donate 

Christmas is the time for giving. Small gestures can make a huge difference to someone at this special time of the year. 

Calling London are a charity which collect old or unwanted winter coats and hand them out to people in need - particularly important as it looks like it is going to be an icy Christmas.

Giving doesn't have to break the bank. Our partner The Unmentionables provides intimate items such as underwear and hygiene products to refugees. For as little as 10 pounds, you can purchase products from their Dignity Warehouse that will be handed out directly in camps. These small items that we take for granted have the ability to protect people from disease and empower them. 

Grace & Green is a revolutionary new hygiene company launching in early 2018 which connects women with period products which are good for the body as well as sustainable for the planet. 

Join the Grace & Green movement today and go into the draw to win a year's subscription of organic period products or a menstrual cup!

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